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Abdullah Name Meaning in Urdu & English Lucky Number, Stone

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Abdullah is an Islamic name that has many meanings in the Arabic language. The most famous meaning of this name is Servant Of God & Slaves of Allah. The lucky number of Abdullah is 7. This name is derived from the Arabic word ” Abd and Allah “. This name is mostly used in Arabic, Indian, and Pakistan origins.

Abdullah Name Meaning In Urdu

عبداللہ نام
اللہ کا بندہ معنی
لڑکا جنس
عربی زبان
مسلم مذہب
7 لکی نمبر
منگل, جمعرات موافق دن
سرخ, بنفشی موافق رنگ
روبی موافق پتھر
ہیرا متبادل پتھر
تانبا, لوہا موافق دھاتیں
7 am – 9 am حکمرانی کے اوقات
دوسروں کی رہنمائی کرنا جذبہ
مریخ حکمران سیارہ

Some of the superstitious experts have faith that 7 number is very fortunate for Abdullah. In a week Tuesday and Thursday are very lucky days for him. Red and Violent colors are blessed for Abdullah.

Abdullah Name Meaning In English

Name Abdullah
Meaning Servant Of God
Gender Boy
Lucky Number 7
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Colors Red, Violet
Ruling Planet Mars
Lucky Stones Ruby
Other Stone Diamond
Lucky Metals Copper, Iron
Ruling Hours 7 am ~ 9 am
To act as a role model for others

Which Number Is Good for Abdullah?

Number 7 is very lucky for Abdullah.

What Is the Synonym of Abdullah’s Name?

The meaning of this name is “Slave of Allah

From Which Religion Does Name Abdullah Belong?

This name is associated with the “Religion of Islam”.

Abdullah Is the Word of Which Language?

It belongs to the “Arabic language“.

Can Abdullah’s Name Be Mentioned in Quran?

This was the surname of the Prophet Muhammad’s father, who died before he was born.  In the Qur’an (19:30), Jesus calls himself? Abdullah: ‘He (Jesus) said: I am the servant of Allah’.

How Much Abdullah’s Name Is Common?

Country Amount Frequency Rank
Yemen 515463 0.07708333 5
Iraq 501447 0.09027778 10
Afghanistan 367515 0.10208333 9
Bangladesh 221150 0.54236111 69
Egypt 196866 0.36597222 50
Pakistan 165255 1:1,081 171
Saudi Arabia 126804 0.21041667 9
Indonesia 111374 1:1,187 101
Malaysia 64916 0.35694444 46
Sudan 63280 0.45347222 73
Syria 54230 0.28888889 47
Eritrea 50932 0.10625 24


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