Whole sale Custom Product Display Boxes

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If your business is looking for an inexpensive and effective way to maximize sales then look no further than custom product display boxes. They can founds in a variety of materials including wood, plastic, and glass, with a plethora of different designs to suit almost any need. In this article, we will explore custom product display boxes, where they come in, and how you can create your own custom retail boxes at a very affordable cost.

First Notice when you Enter a Busy Retail Outlet:

What do you first notice when you enter a busy retail outlet or grocery store? Certainly not the neatly stacked or proudly displayed goods, which are usually stored in the upper shelves or in the cabinets. What do all of these products look like before you even notice them? Yes, that’s right; your standard cardboard display box which has been pre-positioned is now used as a display rack for the goods which are all sorted out by type, size, or brand name.

Cardboard Display Rack:

This cardboard display rack is then pulled down to display the smaller products, such as CDs, DVDs, books, or magazines. This is why display boxes are so useful and necessary because it is a simple and effective method for showing people what products you have on offer. As stated earlier, not only does it give customers a quick overview of what you have on display but it also makes it easier for staff to help customers find the products they need.
Without these custom product display boxes there would be a lot of work for sales staff, which could take valuable time away from other jobs, for example, more product orders or more customer inquiries. For this reason, the racks use in supermarkets, pharmacies, libraries, and other retail outlets know as cardboard racks.

Food Display Cases:

A cardboard rack is probably most familiar to consumers when they see it for food items. These boxes are often referred to as ‘food display cases’ or ‘food display racks’ and design to show the various types of food that you have on display.
One example would be putting an entire selection of fresh fruit in a single box to prove how varied your selection is. Another common use of custom product display boxes in food stores and restaurants is for displaying hot and cold packs of drinks. Hot foods are usually sold in smaller boxes, whereas cold food is usually sold in larger quantities.
Long-Lasting Material:
Cardboard is an inexpensive, versatile, and long-lasting material which makes it ideal for making custom product display boxes. The same material can use for both packaging the product (which will cover in another custom product display box) and for displaying the product. One box may use for storing the product whilst another may use for displaying the product on a shelf.
You can also get specially made cardboard boxes that will cut and shape to exactly match the shape of your packaging material. For example, if you’re placing a bottle of wine inside a cardboard box, then the shape of the cardboard box can match the shape of the bottle and thus cut to the correct dimensions.
Forms of Packaging:
Cardboard is also widely used in many other forms of packaging, including sandwich packaging, bubble wrap packaging, and cartons. As it’s easy to cut and shape, it makes it ideal for many different types of packaging, which is what makes it so popular in food retailing, particularly for selling in grocery stores and pharmacies.
It’s also popular for use in printing (especially letterpress printing), interior design (particularly curtains, tablecloths, table-tops, etc), temporary packaging (packing peanuts or fish, etc), and photography. There are also wholesale custom product display boxes available for all of these uses.
Product Display Boxes:
For product display boxes, it’s really important to get your products customized for the largest visual impact. In food retail, for example, having customized packaging for each of your products allows you to give your customers unique and interesting presentations of your products – something no competitor can offer.
For example, having a unique shape and size for a bottle of shampoo with unique packaging could make for a very striking advertisement, especially if you’ve got an attractive photograph of a brand ambassador giving a product demonstration. Such a unique advertising message will have a much greater impact on your customer than a simply sized product presentation.
Besides the above, customized product display boxes can also help you get an edge over your competitors by giving your customers a reason to talk about you and your business. After all, who wants to be competing against hundreds of other businesses that all have the same generic-looking product boxes? With customized product packaging, your customers will have something to remember you by.
They can look at the product packaging, see that you’ve put a lot of thought into the design and the packaging, and then think about how well your brand fits in with their own lives. All of this gives your customers an advantage over your competitors and boosts the brand equity of your business – making it easier for you to turn potential customers into actual ones.

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