Understanding Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

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Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain technology can quickly pivot the space, and it is inspiring to know how far the industry has changed since Bitcoin introduce in 2009. Earlier to that, the financial sector characterizes by the complete reliance on banks being the trusted third parties that ensured our money’s safety and exchangeability. Still, the process was considerably slow and expensive.
Decentralized technology has shown that several entities’ interests could be collectively aligned in one unified system instead of putting them into a complex process through banks. Smart Contracts in decentralized technology can also handle more mundane business such as sending and receiving payment invoices, but there is always a scope of improvement. Thus, Blockchain technology innovators have already created an exclusive version of the latest trend in the form of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. So far, decentralized autonomous organizations as complex, innovative contract structures have had a more significant impact on business than any other Blockchain breakthrough.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are businesses or organizations decisions for which used to take electronic means that is a written computer code through the voting by members. In short, DAO is a system of electronically coded rules on which an organization takes action online. A decentralized autonomous organization does not rule by a centralized governing authority, and norms, transactions, and other critical information encrypt in the form of a code in a DAO.
All the details and information were crucial along with transaction records store in a decentralized autonomous organization Blockchain as a comprehensive code. This platform provides access to all authorized members’ knowledge, enabling sharing information with all of them. In this article, we would try to understand significant aspects of DAOs. First, we need to know how decentralized autonomous organizations are different from centralized organizations.

Centralized Organizations vs. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations:

The dilemma of a member entitled to make others’ decisions attempts to sorts out with a decentralized autonomous organization. This is possible because no one is boss to anyone in a decentralized independent organization. Contrary to DAO, a centralized organization guides a certain kind of relationship between employer and employees in a pre-defined manner by employment contracts. Centralized organizations bases on the contracts legally enforced by the legal mechanism of a state. In a decentralized autonomous organization, people impose the obligations of agreeing by themselves.
No legal liabilities are binding the members. The supporters get tokens against their support to DAO. These tokens can use to decide a path for the organization’s functioning and to take decisions to resolve various issues before the organization. The strength of opinion depends on the number of tokens possessed by the members, which means more token members will be more influential than others in decision-making.
what is blockchain technology
what is blockchain technology?
This way, the opinion can get to make certain decisions which may include-
To fire the CEO or change the CEO;
For a particular service, hiring a vendor or service provider;
Take the services of a lawyer;
Pay a certain amount to a member or someone in the form of a salary or bonus; and
Issue the share to a member or a person for adding more value to the process or organization.

Purpose of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations:

The purpose of a DAO varies following the organization members belong to. The organization may be functional to assist users and supporters to transfer cryptocurrencies across various Blockchain platforms or to serve decentralized finance use cases like crypto lending or yield farming. A common argument is that any Cryptocurrency can be a DAO if it works with a decentralized organizational structure.
Cryptocurrency transactions on a general basis used to execute smart contracts are intrinsically associated with Blockchain technology and function within a specific organizational structure. This goes through all the factors which are responsible for certifying that a DAO is a Dao. Yet, when a person knows that his crypto refers to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization today, they are more likely to refer to a more specific and generally a platform created on the Ethereum Blockchain.
explain blockchain technology
explain blockchain technology
When a Decentralized Autonomous Organization fund, launched, and actively functional, decisions related to its operations (where funds generated by the network invest, for example) would take a democratic process of determining participation by stakeholders. This ensures transparency in the decentralized character of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or at least a DAO that operates as it purports to. At this point, a DAO can work for the fulfillment of its purposes, whatever that purpose may be.
Presently, these DAOs plan on a large scale to execute financial transactions within separate smart contracts. These DAOs enable users to lend crypto, borrow tokens, buy them, and sell them. Its use-cases are continuously emerging. In the future, DAOs expect to regulate elections administration, execute real-estate transactions, or govern other crucial social functioning sectors. But, for now, they exist and establish in the field of decentralized Cryptocurrency based financial transactions. Some of the successful use-cases of decentralized autonomous organizations may include Maker, MetaCartel, and Aragon.


DAOs are taking over space with smart contracts created and regulated to transfer funds and data more transparent and straightforward. Innovations with Blockchain technology are continuously increasing, and Blockchain technology training seems to be more demanded by businesses across industries worldwide. Though it would be more apparent with time the extent to which regulators get engaged in the Decentralized Finance space generally and specific DAOs in particular, it has come out for now that DAOs in the decentralized finance sector are working efficiently and securely in protecting their investors’ assets and being generally trustworthy.

what is blockchain technology
what is blockchain technology?
Blockchain professionals are dominating the field of technology in every industry. Blockchain technology’s business solutions are powering are streamlining the processes to optimize productivity and help businesses draw higher profits. Considering the increasing demand for Blockchain certification professionals, many organizations and online learning institutes offer numerous specific Blockchain learning courses that are providing expertise in several skills related to Blockchain technology.

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