Lesson That Will Teach You All to Know About Definition Of Culture Shock.

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Lesson That Will Teach You All to Know About Definition Of Culture Shock. Imagine going to a different country or city, of course, their way of living will be different from yours. Sometimes you think their culture is weird or the way of living is not good which causes you to feel insecure and it’s hard to adapt and you don’t feel ok with it. For example, their dishes are too spicy or too sweet or weird food combinations. All in common their culture is different and you don’t feel “at home” in it.
It takes time and people adapt only 1 day or 1 week or even a month! Sometimes it even causes Anxiety, Depression, or Confusion. We still should have control and try not to react too much. Culture shock is a normal thing if you are a homesick person it’s normal. You shouldn’t stress a lot or quiet down. A quick way of helping yourself is by engaging in cultural activities and tries to avoid the thing you like.
What is a culture shock movie?
There is a movie based on culture shock called “Culture Shock”. This 2019 movie is about a Mexican girl who is desperate to cross the border to the US until they encounter people with guns and the girl faces the worst nightmare of America. I won’t ruin yet you can see with your own eyes. It is quite an interesting movie. The rating is 5.8 which is acceptable,
I would suggest it.
what is a culture shock
what is a culture shock?
 Culture Shock Examples:
For example, you are an American who travels to Mexico. First, let’s talk about the food Mexican love spices and Americans can’t handle much. Countries like India, Pakistan, and Korea are also familiar with spicy foods. I am not saying America doesn’t eat spicy food I am saying that some people don’t like spicy foods and cant handle extreme spice.
Mexican put a TON of spice in your food so you might not Handel. Of course, the festivals are awesome and Dia De Los Muertos (the day of the dead) is remembering the day of the dead which is nice but some people get a little scared of things like that and people love to dance and eat crazy food and do crazy dances and have fun but some people get overwhelmed and don’t like it when you come from America where people celebrate but not with the craze. So it can be a little weird.
culture shock example
culture shock example
Some tips for you:
If you want to travel to a certain it’s good if you research and note down the things you don’t like and avoid those. If you make friends in the country, trust me it helps A lot and you can share your problems with them as they are the citizens of the country so they might come up with a solution for your problem and help you get over it or have fun and enjoy. All in the end you should stop getting worried and relax.

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