How To Edit Pictures for Instagram: 8 Pro Tips You Can’t Miss

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Instagram-worthy posts don’t need expensive editing software (especially with our new Canva integration). Here are the greatest photo editing tips!
Instagram Photo Editing (the quick cheat sheet). To our essential editing hints…!
“What sorcery is this?” you may be thinking as you edit photographs on Instagram. Creating drool-worthy images for your feed is easier than you think.
Just master a few simple tools and you’ll be editing like a pro! Instagram-worthy photos don’t need expensive editing tools (especially with our new Canva integration).

Here are the greatest photo editing tips!

Instagram Photo Editing (the quick cheat sheet):

Canva + Plann: Need a free and simple editing tool? Plan’s new Canva screen simplifies it. Using Canva within Plan gives you access to stock photos, filters, and professional editing tools.

Simplify Content Creation:

With Plan, you can create social graphics and stories. It’s one of the most popular editing apps for Instagrammers who wish to change photos on their phone. There are many filters and tools to assist you edit.
Lightroom: The greatest editing tool for advanced photographers. There’s a premium PC app and a free smartphone app. Both provide you more control over your final changes and allow you to save your alterations as presets.
1. Take a Good Shot:

Make sure you have a good shot before you start editing for Instagram.

best way to edit pictures for instagram
best way to edit pictures for Instagram
Because color correction and exposure tweaks can’t fix a blurry, grainy, or badly composed photo.

Here are some photography tips to help you take better photos:

2. Shoot in daylight:

You can also use your phone or camera’s gridlines.
If your camera doesn’t have a built-in stabilizer, get a tripod to photograph in low light.
Use HDR mode on your smartphone to capture greater information in bright and dark regions.

3. Crop and Straighten to Improve Composition:

Editing images with cropping is simple.
It helps you to swiftly remove distracting objects, focus on your subject and create drama with your composition.
Finally, always make sure your horizon is straight! Unleash your inner pro with this simple tip.
Cut photos

Crop your pics 11 for squares and 45 for portraits.

best way to edit pictures for instagram
best way to edit pictures for Instagram

4. Remove any blemishes:

Do your photos have bothersome dust particles? Remove undesirable blemishes with your editing app’s spot-removing tool.
The same instrument can use to remove stains from clothing, pimples from the face, and other distractions.
To remove larger items like people, you need a professional tool like Photoshop. It has instruments that can complete the job without leaving traces.

5. White Balance:

The worst lighting! It dries out colors and gives photographs a horrible yellow tinge.
Use the white balance tool to cool down the yellow in an indoor shot. It will help you color-correct your photograph.
Adjust the temperature sliders to add cool or warm tones to an image, or the tint sliders to add more green or purple colors.
Don’t want to fiddle with the white balance? Lightroom and Photoshop offer preset modes like “daylight” and “cloudy”.
Exposure: Don’t panic if you accidentally under or overexposed your shot! It’s easy to adjust the exposure in your photo editing app. Be careful not to overexpose your image. Those large white blotches are bad.
Next, adjust contrast. Contrast allows you to experiment with dark and light tones. You may use the contrast slider to make dark colors darker and light colors lighter.
Colour Vibrance and Saturation:
Want a colorful feed or a pastel grid? Use the saturation and vibrancy tools to adjust the color intensity in your photos.
apps to edit pictures for instagram
apps to edit pictures for instagram
But not too insane. Unnatural images have too much saturation and vibrancy. Adjust each slider slightly to enhance the original image.
7. Colorize Your Photos:
Color-correct your photos to keep your grid uniform.
Lightroom Mobile and the desktop version allow you to change the hue, brightness, and saturation of each color.
The simplest approach is to use the same tones in all photos.
8. Sharpening:
Increase the sharpness of your photo for a cleaner effect. Reduce sharpness for a softer, dreamier edit.
The tool can’t concentrate on an out-of-focus item.
A blur in your image is permanent — no editing tool can remove it.
As with the other tools, don’t over-sharpen. Your image will be out of focus and strange. Visit for more tips and guides.

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