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15 Essential Tips for Moving into your First House

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“Home is where your story begins”

Are you ready to start a new chapter of your life? The first step always holds a special meaning to us. Whether it is the first day of school or shifting into your first house, they will always hold a special place in your heart.  Here you learn perspective that how to DO Essential Tips for Moving into your First House. The first house provides one with the opportunity to lead an independent life that they always dreamt of. Furnish it, decorate it; do what you want. Before you can plan to do what, you are going to change in your new house, you need to worry about how you are going to shift things into your new place.

It is a task of great responsibility to find the right house and set it up. But have you thought; about how hard it is to shift there? Here are some foolproof tips to help you shift into your first house.

15 Tips to Shift into Your First House Properly

1. Handling the Basics

Packers and Movers Services
Packers and Movers Services

In the very beginning, you should handle the basics of moving into a new place. It starts with changing the address, hiring the packers and movers in Nashik for the household relocation, and other services. Providing priority to the booking of services will help you in securing the right kind of company for the same. Researching, interviewing, and finalizing a service provider is not an easy task, that will take time.

It will be necessary for you to cancel the utilities and start them in the new house as well. So, plan and strategize according to that for making your first house shift to be a comfortable one.

2. Get the Inspection Done

moving out small things toys, books
moving out small things toys, books

You are moving out of the old and shifting into a new house. This is an exciting process, but in all the excitement one must not forget about taking care of the old house. No matter where you were staying, it becomes your responsibility to give it back to the owner in the same shape as you got it from them. For this, you must get the inspection done of the old as well as the new place.

The repairs and maintenance of the place will make it easy for you to get the security deposit from the old one whereas, getting the repairs done in the new place will make you stay in the new one comfortable. Get the inspection done carefully and try to stay there while the inspection is conducted. Fixing it right away will help you in making the safe and secure shift to your first house. Especially the security locks, make sure they are changed before you can move in.

3. Plan for Chores

moving new house garden care
moving new house garden care

Now that you are moving into your first house, you will have to do a lot of chores that the previous owner used to do. For instance, there might be a garden that requires regular trimming, for which you will have to invest in the gardening tools or the gardener himself. This may cost you thus, you will have to set a budget separately for this purpose.

This will require planning well and setting things before or immediately after shifting into the house. You will find this an exciting experience but, in this excitement, one must take time to plan accordingly to avoid any discomfort while relocating.

4. Purge your Belongings Mercilessly

You might already hold a lot of items in your present house. Some of them might have value for you, while others are not. Another thing to consider is that you are moving into your first house and there might be a lot of things that you will want to purchase. Moreover, the packer and mover charges are directly proportional to the number of items you shift.

Take a time to think and remove all the unwanted items that you won’t need in the new place. Put it up for the garage sale or on the various re-selling websites. This may take some time but completing this task will not just help in making your shift comfortable but also raise extra cash to improve your finances.

5. Go for Solid Items

moving into new home solid items
moving into new home solid items

New house, new plans, new furniture; everything must be brand new for a good beginning, isn’t it? While buying new stuff or removing the old one, ensure that you check what will be best for you. For instance, the sofa in your house may be old but it is strong and durable. Will you opt for keeping it or replacing it with the brand new one?

Think over this question carefully as it will decide what kind of smart person you are. One smart decision will help you in managing the house and your belongings better after moving in. Shifting your old items may increase the packing and moving costs, but it will save you from spending a great deal on the new ones. So, give this a serious thought and save as much as you can.

6. Re-paint, Clean, Exterminate, Install

Re-paint, Clean, Exterminate, Install
Re-paint, Clean, Exterminate, Install

The new house will have a lot of pending work before you can move in. It will be best to get some of the things done before shifting the furniture into the new place. The painting of your choice will help in giving the house a radiant glow. Without having furniture as a hindrance, things will get easily done. After painting, clean the place. For this, you can get cleaning services.

Do not forget to exterminate the pests. The place may be new to you but some of the pests may be residing in it for quite a long time. Spray for the pests and leave them, or get the exterminator for helping you with the same. Keep with us Essential Tips for Moving into your First House.

The mover and packer may bring your belongings home but what if you don’t have enough storage space. Some of the cabinets or storage places need to be installed. You will have to get this done before the moving company comes in with the things. It will help in settling the things properly, and you won’t find it hard to clean the mess afterward.

7. Have Essential Bag Ready

The packers and movers may arrive a day or two late with your things. What will you do for those days without your essentials? There is one thing that you can do about it. Pack a bag of essentials that you can carry with you to the new house. It will keep you content for the days till the moving company arrives with your belongings.

This box would contain an extra set of clothes, paper plates, trash bags, toiletries, toilet paper, extension cord, etc. These are some of the items that are necessary for the shift. Remember you are not moving into a hotel room, but your first house. Take this to furnish them with all the necessities that you would require in the first two to three days.

8. Hire the Right Packer and Mover

One must not forget the power of a professional packer and mover. They can make even the most difficult household relocation seem an easy task. Even if you decide to remove only a few things, getting it done through professionals will ensure that these items reach their destination safely. From shifting your valuables to warehousing facilities, they always make it a point to provide 100% consumer loyalty.

Whether you plan on conducting a local move or going for an intercity relocation, a trustworthy moving company can make a lot of difference. It will be hard to avoid the comfort in which you will relocate to your first house. They are an affordable option to help deal with the last-minute moving stress.

9. Things to Do While Moving into Your First House

Do Some Saving

Moving to a new place is a big decision and it is important that you feel financially comfortable even after the move. It doesn’t take much time for the costs to add up, and increase the financial burden you. To avoid any kind of financial issues during and after moving into your first house, you should think about ways to save something along the way.

Selling the unwanted items strategically, cutting down the utility bills carefully, checking the living expenses for a few months, and such other activities can help you in saving a great deal. It will be best to set aside some amount for emergencies. That will help.

10. Prepare Budget


Budgeting is a crucial part of the shift. It is a tricky topic but mastering it can simplify a lot of financial-related problems for you. Start by estimating the moving costs and then move on to planning for the unavoidable apartment necessities.

Ensuring that you do not overdo your monthly income, keep a track of your average living expenses. This figure will help you in determining disposable income. You mustn’t go more than 30% of that income, or there is a chance for you to face a financial crisis just after moving into your first house.

11. Choose the Right Location

Whether to rent or to buy, choosing the right location is important. One must consider several factors before finalizing any of them. The location determines:

  • How easy will it be to commute to and from your workplace?
  • How far is the school for your children?
  • What all amenities will move closer to your place?
  • Safety
  • Recreation area
  • Appreciation value of the place after a stipulated time, and much more

12. Sort Your Belongings and Get Rid of Them

packing donation boxes
packing donation boxes

Once you check the list of items you will need in the new house, and what are items the new place can accommodate, you can then decide what things you would like to move into the place. This will leave with the question- what you are going to do with the rest of them?

For this reason; you must prepare an inventory list. Outdated, duplicate, outgrown, things that won’t match the new surroundings, etc. should be checked out from the list. Sorting will make your household relocation smooth and stress-free.

Selling or donating them is your own choice, but keep extra time in your hands to deal with these things. Recycle or toss the items that are damaged and can’t be used anymore. Preparing a detailed inventory list can help in determining what you would love to keep and what has overgrown your compassion.

13. Pack and Move Belongings Safely and Efficiently

Do invest in the best packing materials that will help in securing your valuables during the move. Proper packing is the only process that will decide how well your things will reach their destination. For this, you should get hold of proper packing supplies. While you pack, following an effective packing timeline helps you in getting the task done at the exact time.

Segregate the items according to their requirements. The best thing to do is differentiate them according to how fragile they are. For instance, pack the electronic gadgets with proper protective packing materials at the same time, and pack fragile artwork with extra care.

Do not forget to pack a bag of essentials that will be sufficient for two-three days until the packer and mover deliver your things.

14. Reserve the Professional Packers and Movers Early

Among all the excitement, it is natural to forget to book the packing and moving services. Analyzing and finalizing them early will ensure that you get the best of the packers and movers near me. Do not select one randomly or they may cause trouble on a moving day.

Experienced movers always make sure that they make relocation stress-free for their clients. While unprofessional ones are sure to make silly moving mistakes that may cost you heavily. So, take your time to select an experienced, trustworthy, and above all a licensed moving company to relocate your belongings.

15. Get the House Ready for the Move-in

One of the most important things to do is to prepare the house for the move-in day. Ensure that your first house is ready for you to shift in by the time packers and movers arrive with the belongings. Arrange all the essential utilities and ensure they are running when you finally shift there. This includes internet, cable, gas, electricity connections, etc.

Thoroughly clean the place, as that will be easy to do before the furniture arrived. After the repairs and renovations are done, the place may seem dirty. Cleaning the whole place will ensure that the house is ready to receive you.

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