Is Facebook safe for kids?

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Facebook is a popular community-building platform. It doesn’t need any introduction. Facebook became overnight friendly gestures from the start of its creation. Kids understand it very fast, and older people are struggling to adapt. Either way, everyone is using it. If you have difficulty finding people in your house, you might find them on Facebook. It is very resourceful.

Without responsibility, any tool can be a weapon. There is not much difference between water and venom, but we cannot use them both equally. We must take precautions. So is this app safe for kids? Can Facebook monitoring apps help them be safe on Facebook

Facebook has helped build communities, carried out much philanthropy, and helped people meet after a long time. However, it has many flaws, and in most cases, kids are the victims.

Facebook doesn’t have weaknesses. The weakness lies within the heart of the bearer.

Advantages of Facebook:

Facebook has problem-solving capacity related to an organization. It has helped to project ideas and efficiently organize an event. Similarly, Facebook has a good influence on children as well.

  • Facebook provides a learning environment.
  • It helps to get in touch with more friends at a time.
  • Experience grows through the publication of other’s life events.
  • It helps to maintain long-distance and long-term relationships.
  • Kids have community involvement.
  • Facebook teaches you to reach out to someone with a friend request. It helps kids to make new relationships, builds confidence.

    Facebook monitoring apps
    Facebook monitoring apps

Problems with Facebook:


Facebook is an open arena to make friends and communities. There is no bar to making an account and sending friend requests or messages to other people on Facebook. It’s the fundamental way of working on Facebook.

A perfect space for offenders. Kids are popular for their innocence. I am not forcing humor here, but it is the truth. You can say anything to the kids; if they listen, they will believe you. And, Facebook provides a connection for strangers with your kid. It’s like leaving your kid in the park and guarding at the door.

Anyone, from a bully to a pedophile, can approach your kid and harass them. It is known as cyberbullying, and cases are rising every day where most of the victims are kids.


Now, taking naked pictures of oneself was a reason for embarrassment in the past. But thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, it has become a trend. Kids post nude or seminude pictures in the network without the parents knowing about it.

Without knowing about the risks related to the publication of nude content, kids do it just for the sake of approval and showing off. They exchange messages and photos with strangers whom they meet in the network. You may think your kid won’t do it, but all they need is a gentle nudge.

Social networking is ugly among kids, and somehow everyone is competitive for being appreciated. And, as a result, kids do immeasurable harm to themselves by sending raw, nude pictures of themselves to the possible vandals.

Dopamine effect:

It’s proven that social networks like Facebook are very addictive and have dopamine effects on people. That is the reason it feels good when somebody comments on our pictures. The negative side of this effect is that you feel wrong about yourself if someone says something negative or makes fun of you in your comment sections.

Facebook monitoring apps
Facebook monitoring apps

Kids seek validation from their friends and Facebook groups, and if it doesn’t happen, it degrades their mentality. They become self-conscious and lose their confidence.

Methods of control:

Talk to the kids:

You should maintain transparent communication with your children. Children in their pre-teens and teens tend to hide information from their parents. With all the curiosities and body changes, kids are embarrassed to open up to their parents.

Facebook is another parent they discover with whom they don’t have an image to maintain in such a case. They can search for answers to any questions or share their radical views while being anonymous. They don’t have to fear judgment.

You have to talk to your kids before they turn to someone insidious. All people are not ill-minded, but it’s natural for predators to swing by prey’s habitat. And kids are innocent prey.

Mobile spyware program:

Technology is a problem solver. Many spy software is present that provides a safety net around your kids. You can monitor all their activities on Facebook and know about their contacts you are not familiar with.

A mobile application like, Qustodio, mSpy provides an abstraction layer between you and your kids. You have to sign up for an account and provide the required information on your relationship with the target, kids. Just like that, all information from the target’s device will be present in your dashboard.

Facebook monitoring apps
Facebook monitoring apps

You will be alert if someone is trying to approach your kids negatively or if your kid has some objectionable manner. Either way, you can save your kid.


Facebook is merely a tool, a representation of our community. The negative impact of Facebook is probably equal to that of real-life surroundings. It depends on how your kids behave on meeting strangers; they rush away in another direction or shake hands with them.

It is dependent on your teachings and awareness of how much your kid is safe from Facebook. It would be best to give a trustful environment to express their ideas and take healthy feedback. Most importantly, it would help if you made them listen to your advice.

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