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Some Interesting Facts About Nilkamal Furniture That You Must Know

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A lovely, functional, and fully equipped home is a great thing. Moving into a new home or remodeling an existing one is a task. That cause even the most level-head individuals to experience some anxiety due to the many considerations that must make this simple. 

Nilkamal furniture online offers a single platform for all intrepid planners to alleviate stress and reduce the headaches of going to different shops while designing a dream home.

How It All Began

In 1985, Nilkamal was initially offere to the marketplace under Creamer Plastic. The firm change its name to Nilkakamal Plastic on August 23, 1990. When it was transformed from a Private Limited Company to a Public Limited Company. The Parekh family, Vaman Parekh, Sharad Parekh, and Hiten Parekh are the founders of NIlkamal Limited.

The present location of Nilkamal Limited’s headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company’s current revenue in Indian Rupee is 21,9 billion. 

At NILKAMAL LIMITED, you do not need to visit several websites for furniture, home furnishings, material handlings, and other products. Here’s why you should include NILKAMAL in your home decoration endeavors. Check Bajaj mall for Nilkamal furniture on EMI online, from here you will find all types of furniture products of the Nilkamal brand.


Everyone knows that the product and pricing are the foundation of every business. We provide a variety of items with varying quality levels that are suitable for both the office and the home. Our furniture division offers a variety of seats. Including executive chairs, infant chairs, chair shells, dining tables. More center tables, stools, racks, trolleys, school benches, and planters. 

These are available in several colors and styles and add aesthetic value to your living area and give the greatest in style and durability. No, whatever your requirements, Nilkamal furniture online has a product to meet them at an affordable price at Bajaj Mall.

Some Interesting Facts About Nilkamal Furniture That You Must Know 2
Some Interesting Facts About Nilkamal Furniture That You Must Know

In addition to the product and pricing, other elements influence customer decisions, including the distribution channel, logistics, and location. The company operates eight extensive manufacturing facilities in India: 

North -Samba (Jammu and Kashmir) and Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh), East -Barjora (West Bengal), West -Sinnar, Nashik (Maharashtra), and Silvassa (Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli) (2 plants), and South -Pondicherry (Union Territory) and Hosur (Tamilnadu). 

The distribution service of  NILKAMAL LIMITED ensures that all commodities are carry from suppliers to shops. This provides excellent versatility in employing or mixing the components in

your area, allowing you to select what best fits your home. This flexibility also saves cost since you only need to visit one shop to make your selections.


Another characteristic of NILKAMAL LIMITED’s furniture is its revolutionary lightweight designs. From leather to classic wood, we have everything covered. The furniture’s portability is further enhanced by its small weight, making it ideal for individuals who are always on the go or attempting to save room. 

Investing in movable seating such as chairs, folding stools, and benches that can be moved inside or outside provides extra seating wherever and whenever needed. The precise product measurements on our websites help determine how well the item will fit into your area.

At Nilkamal furniture online, they strive to make your home-decorating experience pleasant by providing you with high-quality items at affordable costs. Our excellent one-stop-shop flat shape with a wide variety of alternatives saves you time and makes your shopping experience enjoyable in a terrific atmosphere. If you’re pressed for time and don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture yet want quality items, you’ve selected the ideal furniture shop.


The term ‘Nilkamal’ has always evoked the picture of the ‘Jumbo Act’ print commercial, in which an elephant is portrayed perched precariously on a Nilkamal plastic chair as trapeze artists perform. The advertisement’s message—durability, load-bearing capability, stability, and style—hit the reader squarely between the eyes. Search google for furniture on EMI near me, Nilkamal will be on the top list.

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