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FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule Pdf Start to End

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FIFA world cup 2022 schedule pdf FINAL UPDATES all you need to know:

Scheduling about world cup 2022 of FIFA according to the news and Qatar. FIFA will be Started after three months on November 21 the ends on December 2. This is the first round of the Fifa world cup 2022 schedule that will be started on these dates. Before any detail, we describe all in detail down to every Table.

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Al raya stadium fifa world cup 2022 schedualed (1)
Al Raya stadium fifa world cup 2022 scheduled (1)

Groups Division of FIFA World Cup 2022:

We have eight groups (8 Groups) in the FIFA world cup that are scheduled in Table. All eight groups are divided into A TO H configurations, starting from (Classification of Groups for FIFA world cup with 33 countries with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H). So, all the elegant groups have elegant teams in them. For, example Group A included QATAR, SENEGAL, NETHERLANDS, and ECUADOR. Group B; indicates the countries included ENGLAND, the USA, IRAN, and Wales.


Countries Teams Details

Group A or 1


Group B or 2

            England, Iran, USA, and Wales.

Group C or 3

Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland, and Argentina.

Group D or 4

Australia, Denmark, Tunisia, and France.

Group E or 5

Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, and Spain.

Group F or 6

Canada, Belgium, Morocco, and Croatia.

Group G or 7

Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon.

Group H or 8

Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea, and Ghana.
education stadium of fifa world cup 2022
education stadium of fifa world cup 2022

What are the Regions for FIFA 2022 and the Total Teams Announced?

Information about FIFA 2022 in which 5 five regions with 32 Teams are held. The regions names for the FIFA world cup 2022 schedule included are Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America and the teams counting are 13, 6, 5, 4, and 4 respectively. Important information is all teams are distributed in groups with others to make it more fun.

Region for FIFA 2022

Total Teams Announced







North America


South America


All about FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022 Schedule Details, 1 to 15 Rounds are:

Finally, you get a detailed explanation for scheduling about FIFA world Cup 2022 Schedule pdf download and in written form. Here is the updated all about FIFA Cup 2022 starting Schedule. Matches details starting in the table are shown with matches numbers 1 to 48. 

You get Knowledge about the announced dates of this elegant occasion. Teams that compete with other countries’ teams for example first match will be starting Qatar vs Ecuador and so on. You can see all of them below in the table. 

Stadiums of FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar. The names will be Al Janoub Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Al Rayan Stadium, Losail Stadium, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, and Education City Stadium. These are eight (8) stadiums where the FIFA world cup will be playing from November to December.

The time zone in Qatar is GMT+3, with Arabian Standard Time. About times when matches will be playing are shown below on the table.

Match Details of FIFA2022

Announced Dates for World Cup

Time Schedules FIFA2022

Match Teams Details


1 November 21 3.30 pm Qatar vs Ecuador Al Bayt Stadium
2 Nov-21 9:30 pm Senegal vs Netherlands Khalifa International Stadium
3 Nov- 21 6:30 pm England vs Iran Al Thumama Stadium
4 Nov- 22 08:30 am USA vs Wales Al Rayyan Stadium
5 Nov-23 09:30 am Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Lusail Stadium
6 Nov-22 9:30 pm Mexico vs Poland Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
7 Nov-22 6:30 pm France vs Australia Education City Stadium
8 Nov-22 3:30 pm Denmark vs Tunisia Al Janoub Stadium
9 Nov-23 3.30 pm Spain vs Costa Rica Al Bayt Stadium
10 Nov-23 9:30 pm Germany vs Japan Khalifa International Stadium
11 Nov-23 6:30 pm Belgium vs Canada Al Thumama Stadium
12 Nov-24 08:30 am Morocco vs Croatia Al Rayyan Stadium
13 Nov-25 08:30 am Brazil vs Serbia Lusail Stadium
14 Nov-24 9:30 pm Switzerland vs Cameroon Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
15 Nov-24 6:30 pm Portugal vs Ghana Education City Stadium
16 Nov-24 3.30 pm Uruguay vs South Korea Al Janoub Stadium
17 Nov-25 3.30 pm England vs USA Al Bayt Stadium
18 Nov-25 9:30 pm Wales vs Iran Khalifa International Stadium
19 Nov-25 6:30 pm Qatar vs Senegal Al Thumama Stadium
20 Nov-26 08:30 am Netherlands vs Ecuador Al Rayyan Stadium
21 Nov-27 08:30 am France vs Denmark Lusail Stadium
22 Nov-26 9:30 pm Tunisia vs Australia Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
23 Nov-26 6:30 pm Argentina vs Mexico Education City Stadium
24 Nov-26 3.30 pm Poland vs Saudi Arabia Al Janoub Stadium
25 Nov-27 3.30 pm Belgium vs Morocco Al Bayt Stadium
26 Nov-27 9:30 pm Croatia vs Canada Khalifa International Stadium
27 Nov-27 6:30 pm Spain vs Germany Al Thumama Stadium
28 Nov-28 08:30 am Japan vs Costa Rica Al Rayyan Stadium
29 Nov-29 08:30 am Portugal vs Uruguay Lusail Stadium
30 Nov-28 9:30 pm South Korea vs Ghana Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
31 Nov-28 6:30 pm Brazil vs Switzerland Education City Stadium
32 Nov-28 3.30 pm Cameroon vs Serbia Al Janoub Stadium
33 Nov-29 3.30 pm Netherlands vs Qatar Al Bayt Stadium
34 Nov-29 9:30 pm Ecuador vs Senegal Khalifa International Stadium
35 Nov-29 6:30 pm Wales vs England Al Thumama Stadium
36 Nov-30 08:30 am Iran vs USA Al Rayyan Stadium
37 Nov-30 3.30 pm Australia vs Denmark Al Janoub Stadium
38 Nov-30 9:30 pm Saudi Arabia vs Mexico Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
39 Nov-30 6:30 pm Tunisia vs France Education City Stadium
40 December 1 08:30 am Poland vs Argentina Lusail Stadium
41 December 1 3.30 pm Japan vs Spain Al Bayt Stadium
42 December 1 9:30 pm Costa Rica vs Germany Khalifa International Stadium
43 December 1 6:30 pm Croatia vs Belgium Al Thumama Stadium
44 December 2 08:30 am Canada vs Morocco Al Rayyan Stadium
45 December 3 08:30 am Cameroon vs Brazil Lusail Stadium
46 December 2 9:30 pm Serbia vs Switzerland Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
47 December 2 6:30 pm South Korea vs Portugal Education City Stadium
48 December 2 3.30 pm Ghana vs Uruguay Al Janoub Stadium


Previous all 48 Matches of the Fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar are 1 to 15 rounds. This is 16’s rounds in which the winning teams of the previous 15 rounds will be played. In this round, 8 matches will b played with a sequence of (ABCDEFGH multiplications of each other). The stadiums for this are written below in the table. The matches will be started on December 3 to December 7’s end.

Match Number

Date of Start Round 6

Starts Time

Match Details OF GROUPS

Final Stadiums

49 December 3 8:30 pm 1A vs 2B Khalifa International Stadium
50 December 4 08:30 am 1C vs 2D Al Rayyan Stadium
51 December 5 08:30 am 1B vs 2A Al Bayt Stadium
52 December 4 8:30 pm 1D vs 2C Al Thumama Stadium
53 December 6 08:30 am 1G vs 2H Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
54 December 5 8:30 pm 1E vs 2F Al Janoub Stadium
55 December 7 08:30 am 1H vs 2G Lusail Stadium
56 December 6 8:30 pm 1F vs 2E Education City Stadium


Starts Time Teams Venues
57 December 10 08:30 am W49 vs W50 Lusail Stadium
58 December 9 8:30 pm W53 vs W54 Education City Stadium
59 December 11 08:30 am W51 vs W52 Al Bayt Stadium
60 December 10 8:30 pm W55 vs W56 Al Thumama Stadium

When the Fifa world cup 2022 Quarterfinals schedule Starts:

Quarterfinals schedule Starts on December 10, the competition is between W49 vs W50 at Lusail Stadium. As you know FIFA world cup 2022 has 4 quarterfinal matches that end on December 10. 

Semifinals of FIFA world cup:

The occasion will be started on December 14 and end the next day December 15. The Semifinal of Fifa world cup 2022 has two matches in Lusail Stadium and Al Bayt Stadium.

61  December 14 08:30 am W57 vs W58 Lusail Stadium
62 December 15 08:30 am W59 vs W60 Al Bayt Stadium


Third place matches are just before the finals of the FIFA world cup 2022 schedule at Khalifa International Stadium.

        63 December 17 8:30 pm L61 vs L62 Khalifa International Stadium


Finally, what the starts have always winning end. FIFA world cup 2022 final date is December 18 at Lusail Stadium.

64 December 18 8:30 pm W61 vs W62 Lusail Stadium
Lusail stadium the world cup finals of fifa 2022
Lusail stadium the world cup finals of fifa 2022

Here you can download the all Schedules with details in PDF:

FIFA world cup 2022 schedule pdf FINAL UPDATES all you need to know




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