Five useful tricks for drivers and how to soundproof your wheel arches

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  • In case of scratches on the body, you can use a colourless varnish. With an aerosol can, it is applied to the damaged degreased surface.
  • In the following matter, it is recommended to obtain an excellent convenient lamp for auto repair. This will require a thin metal tube, such as an umbrella, rubber ties for securing the load and a piece of LED strip. The tube is cut to the length of the link. Then the edges are sanded so that there is no burr. Next, you need to cut off one hook and drill it through to the diameter of the harness used. Finally, the end of the rubber tie should be melted with a lighter and passed through the tube. Then the hook is put back on the tourniquet and glued into it. The result is a tube with two pins at the ends attached to an elastic band. Then a two-meter wire is taken, with a diameter, for example, as from a cigarette lighter. On the one hand, it needs to be stripped and soldered to the diode tape. On the other hand, the connection should be insulated. The shrink rings are used to attach the LED strip to the tube. The result is an excellent and convenient lamp, which can be attached to various surfaces thanks to a rubber band and hooks.
  • The following method will help you quickly and efficiently clean the car interior in hard-to-reach places. To do this, use a “blower” with compressed air. In this case, you need to open the doors from both sides so that the dust flies out in the opposite direction.
  • You can use a regular metal spatula to remove dried stickers on car windows. And the glue can be removed with a solvent.
  • When you turn on the glasswasher, the wipers often begin to move to dry for the first seconds, scratching the glass simultaneously. In this case, the liquid arrives with a delay. In this case, the wipers wear out faster. To solve this problem, you need to install a check valve in front of the nozzles. In this case, the liquid will not drain back into the tank and will begin to spray without delay.

Expert advice: always make sure to keep a corresponding spare tyre in the trunk. Suppose you own an SUV – an SUV tyre should always be at hand when need be.

Soundproofing wheel arches

When driving a vehicle, the primary source of noise is the wheel system. The noise level depends on the rubber of the wheels and the road surface (sand, stones). How much noise gets into the passenger compartment depends on whether the tyre is soft or hard, even on new high-quality asphalt—some tyres hum. If the road is so-so, then the stones hit the wheel arch liners, which causes inconvenience and a high level of noise.

Soundproofing wheel arches will significantly reduce the noise level in the cabin, about fifty per cent. In addition, isolating the capsule from external noise will increase the protection against corrosion since the vehicle’s body is more exposed to external factors and the appearance of decay.

Noise isolation (“noise”, “noiseless”) – a unique applied material that reduces the transmission of noise applied to surfaces that transmit noise.

Tools and materials for soundproofing your wheel arches

To carry out good quality soundproofing, we advise you to do both internal and external sound insulation. The internal method is done less often because it is more complicated. This is done from the engine side. If there is access from the inside, it is even more convenient to make a “soundproof” cabin. The external method is the most common because it is simple and does not require special tools.

However, first, let’s figure out what we need to carry out noise isolation directly:

  • noise-insulating and vibration-damping material;
  • rubber-bitumen mastic;
  • degreasing agent;
  • tools for applying (brushes) and cutting noise (clerical knife).

In addition to the basic materials, arm yourself with the rest: a washcloth, gloves, buckets of water and a cleaning agent. However, it is better if the dirt is washed off under the pressure of water.

Highlights when soundproofing

First, you need to decide on the method and place for applying sound insulation (internal or external). Then, since the inner one is produced together with the soundproofing of the cabin, we will present to your attention the outer one.

List of actions:

  • First, remove the wheel and dismantle the lockers.
  • Secondly, clean the wheel arch and plastic locker from dirt.
  • Thirdly, degrease the surface.
  • Fourth, the application of mastic (on the surface of the arch).
  • Pasting with vibration and noise insulation materials.

Self-soundproofing of wheel arches should be performed only in dry and warm weather. Understand this simple rule for yourself!

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