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How To Spell Beautiful?

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If you’re a native speaker, then learning how to spell beautiful and other-related words is just another part of life. If you’re not a native speaker and want to learn some basic English, though, then we’ll be glad to help.

Here’s our guide on how to spell these commonly misspelled words.

How to spell beautiful and give you some other-related words.

When you’re learning how to spell beautiful, it’s essential that you know what other words are related. These include:

  • beautiful-related words – beautifull, beauitful, beautifull, etc.
  • misspellings of this word – “beautifully” and “beautiul.” The second one is a spelling error! If you’re going to use this word in a sentence or article, make sure it’s spelled correctly!

The helpful list of commonly misspelled words

There are many words that are commonly misspelled, and they’re all easy to fix. If you’re having trouble with a word, try asking your friends or classmates how they spell it. 

  • If no one knows, try searching online for the correct spelling of that word—you can even use Google!
  • If you’re still not sure about what to do with a particular word in English class, look up its meaning on Wikipedia.
  • The site will give you an accurate definition of any word (even if it’s not exactly what your teacher said).

Tricky words for native speakers

If you’re not a native speaker, then this can be tricky. There are plenty of words for which the spelling is often wrong and it’s easy to misspell them. These include:

  • beautiful – ‘breaat’
  • baby – ‘bayy’ (the latter one is less common)
  • baby girl/boy – ‘baygway’ or “beegway” (the latter is even less common)
  • – ‘bayg’ and “beeg” baby shower – ‘beay shauwer’ or “beey shauer” (the latter is much less common) into/onto – “in2” or “on2”

Commonly misspelled words

If you’re an English learner, it’s important to know some of the most common words in the English language that are commonly misspelled. Some of them might surprise you!

It’s also important to know that not all of these words are misspelled accidentally—some people intentionally make mistakes with their spelling because they don’t understand how to spell certain words. 

In other cases, people who have a specific interest in learning new things will spend time practicing their spelling skills to read more easily and use correct grammar when writing something down (or even just talking on the phone).


I hope this article has helped you with your spelling. 

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