2 Things That Hublot Is Known for as a Brand.

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No two luxury watch brands are the same, and there is something or a few things that separate one brand from another. Rolex, for instance, is one of the most popular watch brands in the world due to its innovations in the watchmaking industry. Watch manufacturers become popular because of the changes they made in the industry. Others are prominent for making specific types of watches while some watch brands renowned for their long and fascinating history. 

This Company is not an exception to this, as the brand already made a name for itself even though it is younger compared to other bigger, more established watch manufacturers. The name “Hublot” is the French word for porthole, and this brand is popular for its porthole-shaped watches. But aside from the shape of its watch cases,  there are other things that Hublot knows as a watch brand.

Using a Variety of Materials in Watches:

Many luxury watch manufacturers often use precious materials such as gold, stainless steel, diamonds, and even ceramic to create their timepieces. They then mix and match these materials to create stylish, durable, and expensive watches. But Hublot and its Italian founder, Carlo Crocco, seek to differ. Hublot was the first watch manufacturer in history to create a gold watch with a rubber strap to match.

This watch, sometimes called the Hublot MDM Geneve (ref. 1390), was a commercial success, and it helped increase Hublot’s potential to become one of the leading Swiss watchmakers in the market. But there was a reason for creating a watch made from two completely different materials, and it is because of Carlo Crocco. hublot classic fusion

Hublot’s founder was not just a watchmaker, but also a keen sailor. He wanted his new luxury watch brand to focus on water, so making a timepiece using waterproof materials was the first thing to do. Crocco also wanted his watches to be versatile so that they could wear while doing water-based activities and could also function as a dress watch. This prompted him to use rubber instead of metal or leather for the straps of his watches.

But rubber is not only the material that Hublot used extensively. It also used titanium and zirconium in some of its watches and the company even created two metallic alloys for its watches.  The first one call “Magic Gold,” which create by mixing pure gold and boron carbide or ceramic. The second alloy, creatively named “Hublonium,” make with magnesium and aluminum. These innovations proved that Hublot is willing to experiment with various materials to create useful and fashionable watches.

The Hublot Big Bang & Classic Fusion Watches:

It is not new for watch manufacturers to have a specific watch model that propelled them into success. In the case of Hublot, the Big Bang and the Hublot Classic watch families helped it become one of the most popular Swiss watch brands in the world.

hublot big bang

The Hublot Big Bang Watch was the brainchild of Jean Claude-Bivet, who joined the company first as a minor shareholder and then as a CEO around 2003. He was popular for leading both Omega and Blancpain into success especially during the quartz crisis, which harmed many watch manufacturers. The first thing he did as the new CEO of Hublot was to introduce a new watch line called the Hublot Big Bang Watch. 

While this watch’s design criticizes for borrowing heavily from Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph, the Hublot Big Bang was a massive success, and the watch even won the 2005 Design Prize” in the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.

Another watch family that Hublot unveiled is the Hublot Classic Fusion, which introduced in 2008. This watch combined the traditional design of Hublot watches with an elegant touch, making it a perfect watch to pair with your suit. Its watchcase makes from different materials such as gold and ceramic, and it features the classic porthole design that many Hublot watches have to know for.

hublot watch

Classic Fusion has many varieties, and some of the most popular models from this watch family include a tourbillon and a minute repeater. Many Hublot Classic Fusion watches also have power reserves that could last for up to eight days. 


For many watch enthusiasts and collectors, The watches consider being for the nouveau riche, since the brand loves to make watches that send shockwaves into the watch industry. From a gold watch with a matching rubber strap to the Hublot Big Bang Watch to making metallic alloys from materials such a gold, ceramic, magnesium, and aluminum, Hublot has always been one of the industry’s top trendsetters, and there are no signs that the company would ever stop from making headlines in the watch industry. This is even though Hublot was acquired by the bigger LVMH group in 2008. The watches will continue to make a statement to the market, and this is one reason why Hublot is so well-known in the watchmaking world.

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