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10 Tips to enhance Commercial Property Exteriors with Large Planters.

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We all live in concrete jungles. The number of commercial properties, if not more, is almost as much as the residential properties. We live in a world where residences and commercial places have started co-existing. There is no point in criticizing this as directly or indirectly, we all want or have been expecting this. As we head more and more towards urbanization, this is bound to happen. We will only see more grey and fewer greens. Large buildings, extravagant designs, larger-than-life facades, skyscrapers, beautiful hallways, all this can surely leave us spellbound but these beauties are all incomplete without beautiful plants and large commercial fiberglass planters.
When choosing FRP planters for outdoors, we say go big! Planters big enough in size are very attractive and they serve the purpose of decor as well as growing a big plant or tree. Outdoors places are vast, they have more space and bigger objects with which these colossal planters go in good sync. As for our range, you can choose Corin, Selita, Rezel D that look magnificent in their biggest sizes.

Choose attractive colors:

The right choice of colors while choosing large commercial fiberglass planters can do the magic for you! While subtle, simple monochromes are always the classic choice, never be afraid to experiment a bit. Try the contemporary new-age colors like blue, yellow, red to add that whiff of freshness to your entire design theme. Of course, even while being experimental, one still has to make sure that the planters don’t look entirely off and opposite to the theme but figuring that out is not a Sisyphean task. With little knowledge and research, one can always make the right choice!

large planters India
large planters India

Choose designs that go with your theme:

Bonasila’s strength is Bonasila’s range of designs. We offer 25 designs to choose from. If you are a lover of curvy edges, Ovalio, Orino, Corin, Torta, Nivola, and mento are perfect for you. If you are someone who loves artistic, contemporary geometric designs, we have a whole plethora of options for you to choose from. Conza, Escon, Gracili, Conza D, Pesto, Remino are all complex yet unforgettable designs to place large planters at your commercial properties. If you like sharp, crisp edges, Marlos, Minelo, Molli, Remino, Rezel, and Rezel D are great options that look magnificent even in larger sizes.

Choose Textured finishes if it matches your design ecosystem:

Textured finishes are unusual and uncommon options. Most people go for matt and gloss colors which are also amazing choices but if you are someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, choose from our texture finishes. They have a stone-like effect and steal the spotlight wherever kept. Texture finishes look particularly attractive in the case of large planters because there is more surface area for the texture to cover. Additionally, they can give your whole exterior a contemporary makeover and can easily become the highlight of your decor.

Highlight key areas:

The key areas in exterior commercial properties involve places near the facade, entrances of particular wings, boundary walls, and concierges. These areas can be beautifully enhanced and their beauty can highlight with the use of big planters. Choosing the right kind of plants is also an essential decision. You can use simple, easy-to-maintain plants like bamboo or you can also choose beautiful flowering plants such as hibiscus or the king of flowers- rose. Bonasila has the biggest range of designer planters in India that can help you highlight the key areas in your commercial property exteriors beautifully.

Grow Trees:

When it comes to large planters, some medium-sized trees can easily be grown in them.
You can grow a papaya tree in our planters. It is great for the body and has high nutritional value. You can opt for the self-pollinating Papayas, seeds of which are easily available at a nursery near you. You can also grow a Guava easily. Some variants of Guava can be grown all around the year and they are rich in Vitamin C and Fiber. It can be grown on all types of soil but sandy loam recommends. It requires wide and broad pots that help its root spread wide and help in fuller growth. Initially, you might have to water the plant regularly with the right mix of manures and natural growth boosters. Once the tree starts bearing fruits, it might ask for lesser attention.
large planters pots
large planters pots
Bananas can be easily grown in a big-sized planter. The soil should be well-drained and the banana quality should dwarf, considering the space. All these fruit-bearing trees must extra attention but you will get used to it eventually.

Choosing planters as a piece of art:

Yes, undeniably the most common use of planters is to use them for plants and trees but with Bonasila’s rich design range, you can use planters as a piece of art to enhance the look and feel of the place. Choose uncommon, eccentric colors and unusual designs and witness your spaces come to life like never before!
Boring, mundane places can get their share of attractiveness and your exteriors can become the cynosure of all eyes in an instant!

Use planters as dividers:

This is also a common practice applied to use large planters. There are vast areas that need separators and what better way to do that than use large planters with trees. They can not only add a touch of greenery but can also use cost-effectively. One planter can serve several purposes- greenery, separation and can also add a touch of beauty. Our Rezel range is the perfect pick to use planters as dividers.

Consult a Designer:

No matter how much knowledge you have or how much research you have done, it is always the best choice to actually use the help of an expert like interior designers, architects, landscapers, horticulturists, etc. These are the ones who have been dealing with planters and plants regularly and not just that, they have an enriched, in-depth knowledge which helps them figure out which planters look the best with which kind of exteriors. If you are confused about the type of planters you should choose, do not hesitate to seek help after you have done thorough research. This will help you explain your requirements to the experts and also help you make the right decisions.

large planters pots
large planters pots

Make a statement!

Go big! Dare to experiment. Don’t shy away from choosing planters that don’t fall in the commonly made choices. To stand out, choose to make choices that aren’t common. Bonasila offers just that. If you are someone who likes traditional designs or someone who likes to experiment with eccentric designs, we offer it all. We have many planter designs that inspire by traditional designs while the others are a fresh and contemporary take on modern design and decor.
When it comes to commercial property, the exteriors play a crucial role because they are the first impression on anyone and everyone who walks into your property. As far as the choice of planters concern, explore Bonasila’s collection to buy large fiberglass planters. While making the choice, take your time and choose the planters that will look the best and prove to be a beautiful addition to your beautiful exteriors.

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