Check Out The Top Best Live TV Apps Use In 2021!

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All of us love to watch our favorite movies and shows with our families, but sometimes this process can be costly. In this article, we have compiled similar apps like Thoptv such as RedBox TV APK, AOS TV, and many more. If you want to choose Live TV apps that are free to use. Scroll the list below. 

Oreo TV:

If you are looking for a Thoptv alternative that can work on your smartphone as well as on your desktop, then you must choose Oreo TV. Its amazing feature is that it provides high-quality content. You can create a list of your favorite shows and save them for later view. 


  1. Free of cost app. 
  2. Adjust the quality of the streaming content. 
  3. Dark mode and pure sound experience. 
  4. Constantly updated to provide you with the latest movies and TV shows.

    Live TV apps
    Live TV apps

Tea Tv:

Another similar app like Thoptv is Tea tv, which offers the same feature as live TV. You can watch amazing movies and shows in HD quality. To provide a smooth streaming experience, tea tv offers multiple streaming sources like Google, open load or Vidzi. It has an offline option too to save your favorite show for later.


  1. Access trailers of the latest shows and movies. 
  2. A wide range of tv shows is available like drama, comedy, crime, horror, etc. 
  3. You can filter content with the safe/unsafe feature. 
  4. Reminder option available to set reminders for favorite shows and movies. 

Live Net TV:

Live Net TV offers a wide variety of channels including movies, comedy, news, kids, action, etc at free of cost. Not only this, it offers amazing quality content and helps you to create a custom list of favorite shows. Live NetTV is a great Thoptv alternative app
  1. Supports 800+  live channels. 
  2. Low lag. 
  3. HD quality streaming of movies. 
  4. Can use on plenty of devices. 


If you are a game lover then you must go for AOS TV which is a good Thoptv alternative. You can watch live streaming of games, movies, and different shows on your Android smartphone.

Live TV apps
Live TV apps
  1. Perfect choice for Asian people because of its Asian channels list. 
  2. Watch live programs on your device. 
  3. Absolutely free of cost. 
  4. Compatible with Android-supported devices like Amazon Firestick or Fire TV. 

RedBox TV APK:

Another free Thoptv alternative app is RedBox TV APK. This is very easy to use as it has channels divided into categories such as religion, kids, sports, science, etc. Just Scroll through the categories to pick up the channel of your choice. Not only it supports 10+ different video players but also it provides you smooth and stable service
  1. No money for registration. 
  2. Stream in HD and FHD quality. 
  3. Low streaming delay of movies and shows.
  4. Always provide you with updated content with no popping of ads.

    Live TV apps
    Live TV apps
Finding your favorite shows and movies has never been an easy task. But thanks to these Thoptv alternative apps which are free to use and provide you lots of extra features. They will provide you with the best Thoptv alternative. Don’t waste your time, install one of these today and enjoy your time with your family.

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