Covid-19 and the future of education in 2022?

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In 2019 a pandemic started and ruins the lives of many people. China was the first country that contains this virus; it was first identified in Wuhan. Many people lost their loved ones; it was a difficult time for all the people around the world. It has not affected a specific country but the whole world affected by it. As Madrassas were also closed so parents started online Quran classes for kids.
Children go to school because school develops their skills. Even a short time in school can also help students in enhancing their skills. A school is a place of fun where you meet your friend and teachers.
Not only education affects but many other social and cheap issues were also affected and are still not resolved. Schools, jobs, shops, and everything close, there was strict lockdown all over the country. Many people affect financially as they lost their jobs. People started their small businesses online so they might get some income through it.
Now moving towards education children were not going to their school, they were at their home. They were taking online classes which were difficult for them. Education affects by covid-19 badly because:

Schools were closed for 6-7 months:

When the pandemic started and reached its peak more than 45 million countries in Asia closed their schools. Teachers and schools force to take emergency action because time is very important for the students. Many of the schools started online classes and the student lost the interaction with their teachers.

online Quran classes for kids
online Quran classes for kids

Affect of online classes:

Students were taking online classes in this pandemic. In the start, it was difficult for the students to understand, but, with time they adopted the way of learning their work online. Due to research experts believe that schools students suffer a lot because instead of learning they were lacking their abilities of learning.

Cancellation of exams:

On 23rd March Cambridge announces the cancellation of the exams. In Pakistan the children did their first paper of board exams and after that their exam cancel due to Covid-19. Intelligent students affect as they have worked a lot and suddenly their exams are canceled. In September UNESCO stated that by following the social distancing and SOPs open your schools.
New graduates were really affected by Covid-19. As in the last year, they practiced everything that they have learned but unfortunately, they were sitting at their homes ruining their time and skills because of a pandemic. Students in the last semester also took online classes and they learned nothing physically.
Challenges for staff and students:
Both students and teachers have suffered a lot during this pandemic. They were dealing with remote learning for the first time. But, the internet helped them to do their work easily. Studying at home for many students is not possible because some people live in joined families, some people don’t have the internet in their homes. Internet availability was the main factor but unfortunately, it was not available to everyone.

online Quran classes for kids
online Quran classes for kids
Challenges for low-income families:
Many students do not have computers, tablets, and all these at their home and they were not able to attend online classes. In other countries schools provide food and much other stuff to their students, as schools close parents has to do something for their child’s meal. Low-income families have suffered a lot because of this pandemic. As their source of income close due to lockdown.
High-stakes exams are unfair this year:
Four months of schooling give to children and after that, in 20201 they ask to appear in exams physically. This was a high task for the students, many students especially the intelligent and hard-working students have suffered a lot. The ministry of education of Pakistan was very unfair with the student in the year 2021.
Future education in 2022:
If the outbreak increase again then again schools will close, they will force to take online classes, study at home, make their schedules, and many more. Low-income families will suffer again they will be again not providing internet to their children and they will not take online classes. They will miss their work again. Government should plan first for the children who have no source of taking online classes. They should make online learning better for the students.
online Quran classes for kids
online Quran classes for kids
Covid-19 has disrupted the whole schedule of students. Smart education will apply if the corona pandemics start again. The schools will close again and kids will suffer from this. We have learned much from this Covid-19 that many people suffer in their lives but we have realized it in this pandemic. Many children sleep hungry, many people are living lives in poverty. They have no source of income to take admission of their children at schools. They live their lives in small houses and their children are living life in illiteracy.
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