5 Top Branding Tips for Your Sachet Packaging Boxes

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When it comes to selling products in a sachet, packaging has an important role to play.

Your sachet packaging is the first touchpoint customers come in contact with. Whether these customers are browsing your online store or are at a brick and mortar retail store. Your sachet packaging is decisive in positively influencing a customer’s buying decision. And this is regardless of the industry or product type that’s packed inside sachets.

Successful packaging gets customers to want to pick the product up and learn more. Great sachet packaging boxes spark the emotions of onlookers and make them curious. Such packaging guides the consumers about the product by properly engaging them and communicates a brand’s values.

Let’s now outline the 5 key tips on branding to help you get the desired ROI from your sachet packaging boxes:

Attraction is in Simplicity:

Good packaging examples are often very simple and to the point. Sachet packaging boxes jam-packed with many different elements are nothing but clutter. It only makes it harder to clearly communicate what the product is.

Customers need to know two things clear cut. One is to easily understand what a particular product is and the second is its benefits.

Minimalist design, simple packaging, and easy language are key here. These aspects help ensure there is no confusion and customers understand exactly why they should purchase the product in sachets.

It’s only a matter of a few seconds to make a buying decision. And if the sachet packaging doesn’t convey value instantly, brands most likely lose out on sales to rival brands.

sachet packaging boxes
sachet packaging boxes

Perfectly Showcase:

The purpose of sachet display boxes is to showcase the product on countertops. Using high-quality imagery of the product is often effective to show customers the product’s nature.

Similarly, using imagery to depict real-world usage can be really effective at explaining the benefits. So for selling a car washing liquid, choosing the image of a car helps draw the target audience’s eyes. Using a sports car also helps to associate your product in sachets with the sports market.

The promise of a Brand:

Every business building a brand communicates a brand promise to them. This clearly means to communicate a brand’s values around making a product.

This gets customers to develop an emotional connection with your brand.

Your brand promise should be consistent across all touchpoints – and your sachet packaging is the most important touchpoint. If you fail to do so, it’ll likely confuse customers as to what they should associate with your brand.

Therefore, apart from minimalism, your brand logo, fonts, graphic designs, and images should all be consistent.

sachet packaging boxes

Eye-Catching & Attention-Grabbing:

Brands selling instant drink sachets or cosmetic sachets, need to do all they can to stand out. For this, grabbing the attention of target customers is important.

Think about shopping in a big retail store, display shelves are full with a wide range of similar product types. Your sachet packaging must have a certain design and imagery in eye-catching tints that draw attention naturally. By doing this, your brand gets a big competitive advantage over your competitors.

Your Custom Sachet Packaging’s Design:

The design on your sachet packaging builds customers’ perception about your brand and product packed in sachets. Research on the ideal stock materials, styles, and shape of sachet display boxes are all important.

Powder, gels, and creams are ideal to pack in sachets and pouches. PQD sachet display boxes make it easy to distribute, effectively display, and sell such products. Say if, you go for plastic are intended to use it and how it appears to be on display shelves.

The same phenomenon applies to how any sachet-packed product will be used. Is it a one-time-use product? Will the customer keep it for months with or without opening it?

You can shape packaging box requirements well once you know how your customers will want to use the product. So for instance, if you’re selling tester oil samples, using a sachet in display boxes instead of a plastic bottle is ideal for customer experience in this case.

sachet packaging boxes
sachet packaging boxes

These are the types of critical questions you need to ask before you pick a packaging box for sachets. It should not only be simple and worth trying but should also represent your brand and business at its best.

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