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The Top Best Five Uses of Shilajit Resin for Health.

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Shilajit is a black or brown substance which occurs naturally in stick tar or resin-like form. The formation of this herbal remedy takes years to form and offers this precious natural compound. Shilajit knows for centuries as an ayurvedic medicine and body rejuvenator. One gets in awe after knowing that ayurvedic experts treat many ailments with shilajit for hundreds of years. Let us dig more about how the formation of pure Himalayan shilajit resin takes place.

The Natural Formation of Shilajit Resin:

It is also known as ‘Rasayana’ in Ayurveda as well as Siddha. In ancient Granthas, it counts that direct sun rays exposure (infrared rays) during summers melts the mountain’s exterior layer. This leads to the yielding of a black resin-like sticky substance which is then dried and processed in powder form for consumption. It is then sold as a health supplement in the market. There is also this fact about shilajit formation that millions of years old massive rocks give away this tar-like semi-solid substance due to the decomposition and pressing of forest matter between them. This gum-like material oozes out from the big rocks when excessive heat creates cracks in them during summers. Shilajit is a rich herbs-mineral natural component comprising many essential nutrients. It has abundant bioactive (Phyto complex) compounds, which majorly have fulvic acid and humic acid in them.
Shilajit resin possesses several therapeutic as well as immunity-boosting properties, making it perfect as a health supplement. Mainly known for its healing properties, people worldwide use this natural derivative as a body performance enhancer. Let us now dive into the top uses of shilajit resin for health.

Shilajit for Brain Function:

The several compounds found in shilajit resin may prove helpful for enhancing brain function and may even aid in Alzheimer’s therapy for people. A study also noted that shilajit is a traditionally used substance for longevity and slowing down aging. The compounds present in shilajit may assist in controlling cognitive disorders, among which Alzheimer’s is one. Although many people admit the power of shilajit improving their brain function, more research needs to explore the possibilities of shilajit improving cognitive abilities in humans.

Shilajit for Heart:

Shilajit may also improve heart health and protect it from being prone to many ailments. Many ayurvedic practitioners tell patients to improve heart health with Shilajit. A recent study on rats noted that shilajit might have protective effects on the heart. But, people must note that while regulating blood pressure, shilajit may impact heart health. Hence it is crucial to seek a doctor’s advice before starting the consumption of shilajit as a health supplement.
Shilajit for fertility and libido enhancement:
Shilajit powder is available easily at the local medical store and is safe as a supplement for treating male sterility issues. The bioactive compounds in shilajit help to increase the number of the total sperm count and also improve sperm motility. Sperm motility plays a vital role during infertility and can take care of on consumption of shilajit.
Shilajit for treating cancer:
Most cancer patients go through heavy treatments and therapies like chemotherapy. These immensely painful treatments can sometimes damage healthy cells around the tumor. The growth of the tumor cells also, unfortunately, promotes the production of radicals. Consuming shilajit is wise for someone facing this situation. It contains powerful antioxidants such as humic acid and fulvic acid, which can scavenge free radicals. Hence shilajit can help prevent aggravation of pain and heal the body to recover fast.
shilajit for Obesity:
Excess weight can affect muscles and put undue stress on the bones. Recent research noted that people who are obese and consume an oral purified shilajit supplement were more active while doing exercise than those who did not consume the supplement. Researchers successfully noted that shilajit seemed to energize genes in the body that helped the muscles to adapt to the new workout quickly. Hence shilajit may help in reducing fatigue and revive body energy.
Shilajit resin has ample health benefits and is mostly a safe and effective health supplement when used properly. It is wise and necessary to speak to a doctor about consuming shilajit resin as a health supplement and inquire about its correct dosage. It can take both as a capsule or in a liquid form as a tonic. A doctor’s advice can also help a person watch the potential health side effects of shilajit resin and understand how to avoid them.

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