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Important Tips For Beginners Strength Training At Home.

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This COVID 19 era confined people to their rooms which leads to many problems like depression and anxiety in some instances people find the escape of their worries in food like junk food or fried stuff with minimal physical activity and junk diet it causes people to gain weight resulting in laziness adding more fuel to the fire gyms and slimming Centres were also closed in regards of SOPs.
So what gyms close we can perform simple exercises at home without gym equipment to lose extra fat and strengthen your muscle with the addition of flexibility and u can do this all the time without spending expensive monthly subscription to the gyms.
The main focus will be to reduce body fat, maintain body shape, and after losing weight how to maintain weight with the weight retention method.
The tips and exercises given in this article apply to all genders with certain age groups.


One of the most effective and loved exercises advised by professionals which you can perform at any time at works on the thighs and butt muscles to provide shape to them and causes lifting of the reduces fat from the lower region. With your shoulders up, stand facing forward. Place your feet apart or wider at shoulder width. To help keep your balance, stretch your hands straight out in front of you. At chest level, you can also keep your hands or position them behind your back.

Lower your body down like you’re about to sit on some sort of fantasy chair Hold your knees over your ankles and squeeze your weight back into your shoes. Hold your body close and drive to get yourself back to the starting point with your heels. That’s one rep. Repeat the squats for one minute and every next week increase the set of squats according to your stamina of yours.


One of the movements that find their way through almost every fundamental routine is planks. And plank exercises not only warm up your heart but the muscles in your shoulders and legs, too, when done the right way. Plus, planks, essential for walking miles free of injury, will help you develop strength and stamina. FOREARM PLANK is one the easiest and effective forms of planks you can hold your plank for up to 30 seconds smallest.
strength training for beginners
strength training for beginners
The plank works on belly fat and reduces the fat from love handles. Repeat your planks and do reps up to 2 minutes with every weak increase rep according to stamina.


For working all the big muscles of the hips, glutes, and thighs, static lunges are perfect. Lower your knee down despite taking a step forward or taking back. You should try this step for beginners when grabbing onto a chair or wall for stability. Get it right:
Stand with one foot at front, about 2 feet apart with left foot back. When you drive through the front heel and back to the beginning spot, hold the torso straight and abs in. Don’t lock the top of the movement with your knees. 


The simple bridge segregates the gluteus (butt) muscles and hamstrings and strengthens them (back of the thigh). When performed, by targeting the abdominal muscles and the lower back and hip muscles, the movement can also increase core stability and reduces fat helping in weight loss.
Start lying flat on your back, your knees bent and your low V arms around your shoulder. Move your body up from the surface and with your heels still on the ground and from and the area of your chest to thigh region must suspend in the air.
Take a 1-2 second pause, then drop it back down.


This is a simple conventional mat exercise, and good for the firmness of a lower back region. Given the circular movement of the leg in the hip socket, the abdominal muscles need to work hard to keep the entire torso controlled.
strength training for beginners
strength training for beginners
Start with your legs spread out on the floor on your back, your arms on your sides. Take a moment to feel the body’s weight of your body and inner tension… The legs are tense, and they’re held together. , the weapons press into the floor. They drive the abdominals inward and upward. On both sides, try to match the weight of the shoulders and hips.
If you have a back injury or disorder then be cautious about these exercises. Speak about activities that are appropriate for you to perform while healing with a doctor or physical therapist.


Start with a simple raise of the leg. You will strengthen your hips when you lift your legs from the hips, which can lead to more mobility and less low back pain. Lay back on the floor to practice the simple stationary leg lift.

strength training for beginners
strength training for beginners

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