How To Connect Your Employees Through Virtual Team Building Activities?

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Offices, schools, organizations, and businesses must still run, even amidst challenges such as the looming pandemic. It is not easy to develop teams and collaboration when people are sitting at home or working remotely. Due to the COVID-19, people are working from their home and you can face serious communication problems between your team members. They cannot share their thoughts and they cannot conduct their meetings on regular basis.
So, how does one motivate team-building with the right activities? The leadership trainers and coaches are forever looking for innovative ways to bring your team together, even if they are staying in remote places. You cannot invite your employees to join a dinner party because the social gathering is strictly prohibited during this pandemic period. But, you can conduct some virtual team-building activities for your employees.
Given below are some great ideas for virtual team building activities and ensure that one is taking the right steps to keep the employees engaged. These activities can organize easily on zoom and you can search for an effective software to manage your team from your home.
Virtual Campfire: Let the remote teams come together around a virtual campfire and share some great stories or experiences together. The good news is that there are no actual fire needs for these virtual campfires. You do not need to hire a venue or catering services. People can join your virtual meeting through their laptop or Smartphone.

team building activity
team-building activity

Virtual Escape Rooms:

Why not have a virtual escape room and enjoy a great problem-solving activity together as a team? One can split the teams and plan some activity such as puzzles to work on or you can choose any other game with the element of escape.

Virtual Murder Mystery:

Let the virtual team come together and collaborate virtually to solve a murder mystery together. The team-building activity will force the team members to work together to solve a problem and you can use their critical thinking skills. Through this game, you can give refreshment to your employees and it will be a healthy competition.
Virtual Prison Break: Take your team back in time and accuse them wrongfully of a crime. Sentence them to life in prison, without parole. Let the team sit together behind those virtual high walls of the prison and develop a strategy to escape. These are great team-building activities and your employees will learn how to solve greater problems in their work lives.

Tasting Class for Tea or Coffee:

The tea vs Coffee tasting experience with real beverages can indeed be an exciting activity. Send the employees a mix of different specialty teas, coffees, and infusions and give them the instructions not to open the content before the event. Invite them for a virtual meeting and ask them to test the beverages in front of the camera. It will be a fun activity when each other see the expression of their team members.
Virtual peek in each other’s rooms- why not let the virtual teams enter the house of each other and explore their room. All the team members need to do is open their homes to one another virtually and welcome them in. This is a great way to know each other personally and know more about their personalities. Team members can show off their room, their favorite things and develop feelings of camaraderie.

building team building activities
building team building activities
Another great way to bond with each other is through virtual games. There are many gaming companies that organize online coemptions and tournaments. They will even help you set up the game from start to finish and allow you to sit back and enjoy an online gaming session with your team members.

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