What does each tarot card represent?

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Tarot cards are a form of divination that is gaining popularity. Many tarot card readers claim to have predicted major events, including world wars and presidential elections, but tarot readings are also used for more personal reasons.

Tarot card meanings vary depending on the tarot deck being used, but several tarot decks use universal symbolism that makes tarot card meanings similar for most tarot readers.

Tarot cards are laid out in specific patterns called spreads which tell the tarot reader about the subject’s life, recent past, near future, and long term future possibilities. Tarot card spreads can be used to answer more specific questions as well.

The major arcana tarot cards are symbolic of life events and human experiences. These tarot card meanings are nearly universal, meaning most tarot readers have the same interpretation when reading tarot cards from a major arcana tarot deck.

The Fool is the first tarot card in most major arcana tarot decks. This card signifies new beginnings and starting anew. It may also symbolize a time of carelessness or foolishness, meaning tarot readers should use caution when interpreting the tarot cards.

The Magician tarot card is symbolic of creativity and ingenuity. This tarot card may also signify someone who is using their intelligence for personal gain, so tarot readers should be careful not to judge others based on this tarot card.

The High Priestess tarot card is symbolic of the unconscious mind and the tarot reader’s intuition. Tarot readers should listen to their gut feelings when interpreting tarot cards.

The Empress tarot card is symbolic of prosperity, fertility, abundance, and material wealth. This tarot card can also indicate pregnancy or new beginnings.

The Emperor tarot card is symbolic of strength, authority, and power. The Emperor card also indicates stability and structure in the tarot reader’s life.

The Hierophant tarot card symbolizes education or spiritual learning. This tarot card may also signify a person who has knowledge but must use it wisely to avoid harming others.

The Lovers tarot card represents love and affection. This tarot card may also represent a choice tarot readers must make, but tarot readers should not use this tarot card to predict the future as it is more common for tarot cards to indicate patterns or trends rather than specific events or outcomes.

The Chariot tarot card signifies victory and overcoming obstacles. This tarot card may also indicate that tarot readers need to be more cautious, but will eventually succeed in most endeavors they undertake.

Strength tarot card meaning is symbolic of inner strength and the tarot reader’s ability to overcome hardships with patience and understanding.

The Hermit tarot card symbolizes withdrawal and isolation. This tarot card may signify that tarot readers need to reevaluate their personal situation before making any decisions that could affect them in the future.

Wheel of Fortune tarot card meanings indicate a change is near, but tarot readers shouldn’t be too hasty to initiate this change as it may not work out well for them.

The Justice tarot card signifies fairness and balance. This tarot card also symbolizes tarot readers need to examine situations closely before making any decisions that could affect them in the future.

Death tarot card meaning is symbolic of major changes are soon to occur in tarot reader’s life, but these changes will allow tarot readers to move forward and overcome adversity.

Temperance tarot card meaning is representative of tarot readers need to use caution when making decisions as it could affect tarot reader’s well being.

The Devil tarot card signifies temptation and the tarot reader’s fears getting in the way of achieving their goals. This tarot card can also indicate a tarot reader who is trying to escape from reality or use their talents in a negative way.

The Tower tarot card represents sudden loss and devastation, which could cause tarot readers to question everything around them.

The Star tarot card symbolizes hope and inspiration. Tarot readers should allow themselves to feel hope and believe in the positive changes tarot cards indicate are coming.

The Moon tarot card symbolizes deception and tarot reader’s fear getting in the way of tarot reading predictions.

This tarot card may also signify a time when tarot readers should pay close attention to what people around them are doing or saying as it could affect their lives in the future.


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