What Everyone Must Know About Artificial Intelligence.

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What is artificial intelligence? It depends on who you inquire. Thinking back to the 1950s, the dads of the field, Minsky, and McCarthy portrayed man-made brainpower as any undertaking performed by a machine that would have recently been considered to require human knowledge.

We have listened to the word “artificial intelligence” many times in our life but have you ever thought about what actually artificial intelligence is? No problem today after reading this you will get to know that “what artificial intelligence “is. A branch of computer science that deals with the building of intelligent machines that do those functions which need natural intelligence to and help us. Intelligence used by humans is natural intelligence but the intelligence which a computer uses is artificial intelligence. We can define artificial intelligence as a science that helps humans to do difficult tasks. you can say that AI (artificial intelligence is the ability of humans transferred into a machine so that it can think like us and make our life easier for us. It uses all over the world and now it has become an important skill to gain.

Many of you would be thinking that artificial means something that robots use so it would be difficult to learn. Yes, it uses for making robots work like humans but it is not rocket science. Face recognition, bots, social media, E-payments, text editors uber, Lyft career and Alexa use artificial intelligence. Google is one of those things which we use almost everyday, anywhere. It also uses artificial intelligence. The computer works on algorithms and it said that artificial intelligence is an algorithm that performs a specific function. So we can say that computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPad, etc all use artificial intelligence to work. Now you have a clear concept of the question that what is artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence meaning

Synthetic Intelligence:

The next issue that we can be discussing right here kinds of synthetic intelligence. There are 4 kinds of synthetic intelligence, which we can be discussing one with the aid of using one. , we will discuss reactive machines we will be discussing limited memory we will be discussing the theory of mind we will discuss self-awareness.

Reactive Machines:

A reactive machine is the basic type of AI. It does not store records and experience instead they observe what’s happening in the world right at the movement and take actions.
For example. The international grandmaster Garry Kasparov loses in the late 1990s by Deep Blue, IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer.

Limited Memory:

This type of artificial intelligence uses in the work of automation for example self-driving vehicles and self-working robots.
They keep things for a short period of time but perform very well. Once a set of instructions fixed, it cannot change. They won’t behave in different situations and they are of great use today.

Theory Of Minds:

It is also written as TOM.
It has Ml systems. ML systems can explain their decisions in our language, the languages which human beings understand.
what is artificial intelligence
what is artificial intelligence?
Al Goldman describes TOM as “capable of explaining mental state to others and their own selves as well. It works on understand me to understand your formula. Those computers that use TOM can understand our emotions and perform their task according to that. This means we need to give a command to the computer using the theory of mind to tell them first that what we want and only after that they will do that work.


Computers use self-awareness types of AI when it analysis its own task and improve it if they perform the same function next time.
Now we have finished discussing that what’s AI? What are artificial intelligence examples?
What is artificial intelligence in computers?

types of artificial intelligence

Types of artificial intelligence, lest discuss the benefits of artificial intelligence. When it comes to artificial intelligence using machines their work is more accurate than humans. Machines that use artificial intelligence do the work with great speed so that it doesn’t take a long period of time. They don’t do any type of mistakes if coded if compared to humans they won’t get hurt in any other environment as humans do. For example, a satellite that has to send in space will also work there. It will also provide the same quality result as that which it has provided when the satellite was on earth. Even it will tell us which things in space are not present on earth and can injure or kill us. The growing use of artificial intelligence makes a great impact on the economy and business. The company used to order robots, computers, mobile phones, etc.


Because of reason that no one knows what is artificial intelligence but now they are making these products here in Pakistan because now some people know something about artificial intelligence. This means that we are not ordering more machines that use artificial intelligence instead we are selling them so it is also making an impact on our economy in a good way. The use of artificial intelligence is increasing day by day vehicles can program on “if that” statement. Those cars could use in wild, they will caseless accidents because sometimes humans fall asleep while driving but a computer can’t. Many people concern that Al using robots will take over their jobs.

Computers Using AI:

So the man has created AI and computers using AI. They would be a great match together and would be unstoppable. They will work for humanity. He will create new jobs for people. It may use in the crook justice system.

what is artificial intelligence examples

We are using many machines using AI to catch Criminals. While doing justice computers won’t think that he or she is a Muslim and he or she is not a Muslim so he or she must be a criminal, he is a Jew so he is not a criminal but if he is not then he is a criminal. The decision will be the same for majorities as well as for minorities.

De Cremer Founder:

According to De Cremer founder and director of the center on AI technology for mankind that AI won’t replace human leadership qualities that make people creative and won’t be able to think from a different perspective. The future will be of those philosophers who understand AI and how it can benefit us and our society we will still need it. If we use AI for benefit of humans. We will make it easier for humans to live in this society. Nowadays we are saying that China is ruling the world? Why? Because the Chinese state discovered that what’s Al? How are we able to use it? in the subcontinent, parents think that learning coding (programming) and the computer is a wastage of time but in reality, it is not. we need to learn artificial intelligence because we want jobs in the future.

For Example:

we want to know that who controls us, who controls what we will do. For example, when it comes to the phone we didn’t know how to use the phone for making our life better instead after sometimes when we got to know about it we used its darker side. so if we want to live a peaceful life we need to learn AI. Some parents don’t allow their children to learn that what is Al. Yuval Noah Harari, a great writer write writes in his book 21 lessons for the 21st century that our parents were not born in the world of artificial intelligence and technology but we are born in this world of technology and artificial intelligence. After 2030 the whole world will be using Al. We won’t be able to live in that time of 2030.
Many social media plate forms are teaching it for free. So learn it and make your future better.

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