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The Seven Chakras and Immense Accomplishments.

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7 Cycles (Chakra):
The body consists of 7 chakras which consider being the source of energy, a chakra or wheel is a point of prana (energy) in our astral body, arteries, and nerves. Each of the seven chakras has its own consciousness, which brings about stability both physically and emotionally, and enables it to function in a balanced way. The chakras in the body also keep us focused on our goal and invite new energy into our system through postures and breathing
The strengths:
1. Foundations | Muladhara
2. Swadhisthan | Swadishthana
3. Manipur | Manipura
4. Anahata | Anahata
5. purification | Vishuddhi
6. Commandment Ajna
7. Sahasrara | Sahasrara …. All these chakras show different qualities of man and his strengths.
It requires years of hard work and meditation to awaken these 7 chakras, which are not possible for any common man. Thus, the people whose seven circles awaken call divine human beings. But due to some hard work or occasional divine grace, one or more chakras of the human body awaken. Which chakra is present in your body can also know by some common activities of daily life. Opting for a 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh can help you gain more insights into the 7 Chakras.

Which cycle is Effective:

If you also want to know which chakra of your body is awake and effective, then read which of the 7 chakras is awake when you wake up. We can know all this through Yoga and Mudra.

Muladhara Chakra:

If, despite breaking heart and trust, you believe in others as before, consider them as your own, then it can say that your most effective chakra is Muladhara. Often people use Vapo for their own benefit, but you do not have any problem with it.

Swadisthan Chakra:

If you think of doing something before leaving this world so that people will always remember you and always try to change the rules and present them more creatively, not only that the rules changes or molded according to you If you cannot work, it means that your body’s healthy cycle is very effective.

Manipur Chakra:

If you keep thinking about something all the time, your brain works continuously and that too apart from it, then it means that your Manipur Chakra is relatively more effective. You think more seriously than others, the suggestions or advice you give people are very useful and if your mind is your greatest strength, then you are not one of those people whose body Manipur Chakra is effective.

Anahata Chakra:

If you are among those who cannot see anyone in misery then it means that your Anahata Chakra is in effect. If you always help needy people and want to help them by doing anything, then it is a sign that the energy of your body is around your heart. You love unconditionally and do not expect anything in return.

Command cycle:

Those who do not hesitate before speaking anything, do not feel any shame or trouble in speaking their heart, their command cycle is effective. They are also said to be faster than bullets, who never take back what they have said and speak the bitter truth very easily. These people have their own perspectives in every situation.

Vishuddhi Chakra:

If you are always alert in every situation, you think many times before doing anything and do not take any decision without thinking, then you move only after thinking good and bad about anything. Whenever a decision has to make for anyone or an opinion has to make about anyone, you conclude only after putting yourself in their place first. If so, it means that the purification cycle is effective in your body.

Sahasrara Chakra:

If you feel more safe and comfortable in private or in the lap of nature, when you are with someone or a crowd of people makes you completely uncomfortable, it means that Sahasrara Chakra is effective in your body.

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