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Whatfinger is a news aggregator (An Aggregator of Conservative News) that publishes articles from across the web that is relevant to conservatives. The site was created after I noticed there was no way for me to find conservative news on the internet and decided to create my own site. Now, over three years later, we have grown into an online community of thousands of users who share stories about current events and politics with each other daily through Whatfinger’s social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.


  • Whatfinger is a conservative news aggregator.
  • Whatfinger is the best way to get your daily dose of conservative news, opinion, and commentary.

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World News

Whatfinger is a news aggregator, or a news feed, that collects stories from a variety of sources and displays them in one place. It’s conservative and it’s not for everyone.

Whatfinger was created by Nick Wingfield, who describes himself as “a right-leaning journalist with an interest in politics.” He claims to be a fan of President Donald Trump but concedes he doesn’t agree with everything the president does—like banning Muslims from entering America or separating children from their parents at the border.


You may have heard of the so-called “conservative news” and “liberal news.” But what if there was a place where all conservative news, political opinion, and satire is aggregated?

At Finger News, you can find all the material that would be considered “conservative” in one place. We have everything from political cartoons to political humor (and we’re not afraid to throw some satire into the mix).


  • Tech News Aggregator
  • Conservative and Libertarian news aggregator. We provide you with the best conservative and libertarian news from around the world, including politics, economics, science, and technology. Our goal is to bring you only high-quality content that we think you will like reading.

The internet has become a place where anyone can post their opinion and get it seen by millions of people. While this is great in many ways, it also means that there are many people who want to share opinions that are not true or well thought out. We want to provide you with the best information we can so that you can make informed decisions about how you live your life.


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Social Media/Censorship/Bloggers

Whatfinger is an aggregator of conservative news, which means that it collects stories from various sources and displays them in a single place. The site keeps the focus on stories from a variety of sources, including alt-right blogs like The Right Stuff and Gateway Pundit (both of which have been banned by Twitter).

Whatfinger also allows users to share their own articles with others via email or social media links. The site has been criticized for being “too focused on hate speech” but this doesn’t seem to bother people who enjoy its content or find it useful as an alternative source for information about politics and current events.


Whatfinger is a news aggregator that brings together the best conservative content from around the web. The site’s goal is to provide you with a single place where you can find all of your favorite conservative news sources, in one place.


Whatfinger is a platform for the dissemination of conservative news to an audience who might not otherwise be exposed to it. It is an aggregation of content from various sources, with a focus on US-based stories which are more likely to cause controversy and generate media coverage than international ones. The site’s content does not necessarily reflect the views expressed by its creators or any other staff members thereof; however, we do hope it will provide you with something new every day!

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