5 Benefits of Owning Plants

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Nature has gifted us with a vast array of flowers, vegetables, fruits and various types of plants to fill the exteriors and interiors of our homes. In a world that celebrates a concrete jungle, be one that invites nature into your home. Mother earth has given us so much to enjoy while we live on this planet.

It is important to be a person who is environmentally conscious and to always love nature. This is because outside of the buildings, below the buildings, the businesses, cafes and apartment complexes are nature, we cannot escape it and we must embrace it. One such way we can celebrate nature is by owning a variety of plants in our home. By doing so we could enjoy some benefits:

1.      Air Purification

The extent of pollution inside a house is relatively higher in comparison it’s outdoor area. This is due to the mixture of outdoor and indoor pollutants known as volatile organic compounds which are released from laundry detergents, furnishings and paint. Including house plants in your home can help you get rid of compounds such as formaldehyde or benzene from the air inside.

2.      Decreases Anxiety and Stress

Surrounding yourself in nature can help in reducing levels of stress or anxiety. It might not be the same as taking a stroll through the park or hiking on a mountain, but surrounding yourself with various house plants should do the trick. As the air gets cleaner, it can also help in improving your overall well being and cope with stress better.

Moreover, if you are suffering from anxious thoughts, I would recommend a lavender potted plant as the smell assists in lowering blood pressure, improves sleep and lowers the heart rate. If you happen to live in the land down under, ensure to buy indoor plants online Australia has many stores where you can find them. Increases Productivity, Focus and Creativity.


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Researchers have discovered that individuals are able to work and concentrate better when they have houseplants nearby. This has also helped in elevating the level of creativity in many people. Studies have found that people tend to be less stressed & working faster, performing better creatively and taking fewer sick leaves when surrounded by plants.

3.      Mood Booster

Plants are also known to help in boosting the mood of those surrounded by them. When considering the outdoor plants that require gardening, many people have reported that after such an activity they feel less stressed out and more relaxed and happier. Moreover, during the winter your surroundings tend to become gloomy and an equally gloomy mood could dawn on you during this season.

Having indoor plants in this instance could help to boost your mood. For example, Winter Jasmine will fill your nostrils with an intoxicatingly beautiful aroma that could lift your mood and bright hued flowers could help you feel lighter and happier.

4.      May Help in Faster Recovery

Having the opportunity to observe plants and flowers may help an individual recover more rapidly from sicknesses, mental issues, surgeries or injuries. For example, certain studies have demonstrated that people in hospital with a garden view required a lower amount of pain meds and were released earlier than those that did not have greenery around them.

Go get yourself a few houseplants and some outdoor plants to enjoy these benefits.

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