What Are The Most Top 10 Augmented Reality Trends in 2021?

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The interaction between a human and digital device is not more limited to a two-dimensional space. The virtual objects have found their ways in real three-dimensional space. Augmented reality apps open the portal through which these virtual objects travel from the 2D environment to 3D physical world. Now we are not alone live creatures here. We have new beings from different worlds to make friends. All because of augmented reality (AR) technology.
Human relies on their five sensory systems. AR improves human interaction with digital systems by augmenting virtual objects in real-time and enabling us to control them aesthetically. From the gaming industry to the automotive, AR has applications in every dimension. The world is also expected to have 2.4 billion mobile AR users by 2023. This visualizing technology’s emerging trends are directing to a more innovative and futuristic planet previously limited to sci-fi movies. With this article, we will draw attention to the Ten augmented reality development trends circling 2021.
The need for an effective E-learning platform was on the surge in the worldwide pandemic situation. Let’s face it; online classes were not the best alternative to physical schooling. Something more inventive could be more effective.
With technological advancement, instructors can bring the AR experience to the education sector. Students can augment the 3D model of the bookish diagrams and study them much more understandingly. It will transform the tiresome, tedious learning process into an interactive learning environment. Things will come to life, and students will not find excuses to procrastinate their studies. Parents will become happy, teachers will become satisfied, and ultimately, the education will become fun.

2. AR in Car:

In the coming time, AR will play a significant role in safety in automobiles. We can expect that car will project real-time data using GPS technology to give the driver information about traffic conditions, hazards, routes, and speed. It will make the road and driving conditions much more secure.
the future of augmented reality
the future of augmented reality
Also, car companies are working on launching their customized AR application. They will provide their car’s 3D model to let the user see new models from their environment without visiting the expo shows and showrooms. All they must do is hold their phone and tap tap tap, and that’s it. Nothing can be simple than this. Although, AR development companies have to work hard to bring this kind of comfort to car lovers.

3. AR Camera Filter:

No one is unaware of Snapchat and Instagram trends. Mobile, with the absence of these applications, merely exists. AR is the foundation of these applications. Nowadays, it is scarce that people use stock camera applications of their smartphones to click the shots. AR beauty filters make their selfies so much beautified that they have forgotten to use the built-in camera app.
AR can do the magic on anyone’s face, from applying an animal filter on a friend’s face to beautifying your facial features. There is no need to wear expensive makeup now, download the AR app, and win the next miss world award.

4. AR Avatars for Live Streaming:

Live streaming is an internet sensation. People love to see their favorite content creators live. But some content creators prefer privacy. Not everyone is camera-centric. Some feel comfortable behind the camera and forgot everything as soon camera faces their face. So, for making the virtual live interaction more personalized, demand for AR avatars is growing.
What creators or streamers do is instead of exposing their real face on the camera, they use their digital version, which knows as an avatar. It serves the purpose very effectively. The famous streaming platform Twitch also gives their user a feature to do their virtual makeover via Snaps AR effects while being on a live stream.

5. Repairing and Diagnostics:

Augmented reality can be a valuable addition to one’s repairing kit. It can assist the technician in projecting images or videos on top of real-life objects. With this, tasks like setting up the washing machine to all the way repairing the motor or any appliance, AR will be the helping hand. It can give you step-by-step instructions to repair the item or diagnose the problem much more quickly and efficiently.

6. AR in Workout:

When outdoor walk or running is not an option, AR can bring the outdoor environment indoors. AR can gamify your workout experience while staying indoors via visuals and audio. We can also expect to see the live result and score of our workout and exercise with this technology like running speed and distance covered.
augmented reality trends
augmented reality trends
But, the gym can also incorporate them with this technology to provide AR-based training sessions.

7. Military Training With AR:

AR can be very helpful in training the new military recruits. It can give them a battlefield perspective to plan effective strategy and better understand the battle zone. It is a big step to make our defense system strong and more potent with innovative technologies.
Not only for training purposes, simulating the missile testing and plane take-off can also programmer with the help of AR development companies to enhance the defense mechanism.

8. Immersive Online Shopping Experience:

Online buying trend worldwide is now the primary part of our life. The only missing element is the physical feeling of the product. But no worries, the trend of AR in eCommerce is not far now. Ecommerce websites are working to make their platforms AR-enabled to add the 3D visualization layer.
what is augmented reality
what is augmented reality?
When a user wants to check the product dimensions, they simply tap on the product’s AR version, and the product will come to life from a phone display to a user’s world.
Not limited to that, the technology available for visualizing a different kind of furniture for your home without having it directly is a genuinely innovational step.

9. AR Gaming:

How can we forget the game industry? The game industry was the one to introduce AR technology into the mainstream. We all remember the boom of the first-ever AR game Pokémon Go, a paradigm shift for gamers. No one never expected neither imagined that such a thing could exist around us. That was the time; everyone started to foresee the modern future of this world, yet here we are. So, always expect the unexpected.

10.AR Unlocks Full Potential with 5G:

Lastly, the world waits for the super blazing fast 5G connectivity. The capability of transferring data packets at 3 gigabits/second looked like a dream. But now, the dream comes true. 5G is almost here. Different countries have already started implementing the 5G technology on a small scale and gradually expanding it to a broader level.
When the speed meets the AR, streaming AR and VR content from the cloud will become the new trend of this world. We can’t hold the excitement to see this technological fusion.


The current presence of AR clearly shows the bright future. Individual developers are uploading their experimental and beta versions of AR applications on famous application stores to testify the concept. To make it more accessible among the audience, development companies should invest more in this technology. The ongoing and upcoming trends one thing reflects very transparently that modern time is waiting for us ahead.
However, if you want to let the innovation be your destination, an augmented reality solution provider like Cubix can help you with that very conveniently.

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