Top Treks in Sikkim | The Best Places For Trekking in Sikkim.

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This trip is commonly called the Kanchenjunga Goecha La, which is one of the highest mountain passes in the little town of Goecha la in Sikkim. The base camp at Yuksom lies at 4950 m or 15100 ft, the starting and the final point of the journey.
The 75 km trip is plainly seen from Goecha La Trek with its cool, breezy surrounding, Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain on the globe. You also can see 14 more mountain peaks, such as Mount Jopuno, Monte Thingchinkhang, Monte Pandim, etc. Besides, you can also gleam.
The Kanchenjunga National Park may visit, which falls on the hike. This walk is one of the longest and takes around 11 days. The level of difficulty is moderate to severe for the Goecha La hike. In October and November, the greatest time to visit there is when the skies are bright and the sunsets are absolutely magnificent.


The very phrase ‘Sandakphu’ alludes to the height of a toxic plant that refers to the deadly aconite plants along the paths. The highest mountain in West Bengal is Sandakphu, which also represents the highest point of the Singalila Ridge.
The Rhododendron and Magnolia Spring, Kalipokhri- the black lake, etc. are more areas of appeal here. It is April or October through November that is the best season for this journey.
At an altitude of 3636 m or 11926 ft, the Sandakphu hike in the hill station is somewhat challenging. This walk takes around 6 days and Maneybhanjang is a base camp. The tour of Sandakphu is close to Darjeeling. Nearby villages like Sandakphu, Meghma, and many more can be found. Besides this, the hike offers a spectacular vista across 4 tall summits in the Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu ranges of Nepal. A calming sight to see on this journey will be the famed ‘Sleeping Buddha.’


The base camp trek in Everest is a blend of the highest views of the globe on the mountains and Buddhism in Khumbu Valley. The trekking costs and routes tailor to your trip plan and party size. One of the most popular places in the Himalayas, the base camp path of Mount Everest meets the world’s tallest mountain. Mount Everest (8848 m) and Sagarmatha National Park are part of the World Heritage site. You can see the amazing sight of Mount Everest, surrounded by the other mountains, via a climb of Kala Pattar (5,545 m / 18187 ft).
easy treks in sikkim
base camp trek in Everest
The Kala Patthar specialty is to provide both your closest panorama of Mount Everest and the highest point of this trip. The Smiles Himalayans offer great services, costs and take you to an incredible scenic high Khumbu valley. While the Sherpa tribe’s valley is hospitable to give warm hospitality on the road to the Everest Base Camp, the comfort of lovely and cozy lodgings.


The camp hike locates in Darjeeling at a height of 17,000 feet. You will be bound by its gorgeous rhododendron woods, magnolia, pines, spruces, and snow-capped Himalayan peaks.
In April and May, the ideal time to visit is. The Kanchenjunga Trek takes you to Sikkim’s hidden gems with lush grasslands and pine woods.
It’s an eight-day trip that takes you from moderate to tough and is also the starting point for the base camp in Yuksom. The camp Kanchenjunga shares the boundary of the Kabru, Rathong, and Talung mountains to the south. The Kirat Chuli and Pyramid to the north of Kanchenjunga base camp. The hike leads you to West Sikkim towards Nepal with an amazing view of the mountains and the woods.

treks in sikkim indiahikes
treks in sikkim indiahikes
A superb trip to get a wonderful view of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, and many other high peaks, Sikkim Singalila is a great hiking route. This is one of Sikkim’s new treks, which launched in 2000. The Singalila range, separating Darjeeling and Sikkim from Nepal, locates at a height of 4900 m or 12140 ft. It is one of Sikkim’s greatest hiking spots and has a moderate level of difficulty. The trip takes around 14 days to reach the Maneybhanjang base camp.
The benefit is that it is a round-trip that offers you a full, panoramic picture of the Himalayas. Furthermore, the hike provides you with a wide range of sights like paths in the wildlife area of Singalila, Samiti Lake, Goechala and Laxmi Pokhari, Uttarey, Chewa Bhang yang, etc. The greatest period is March through May and from September through November to visit the Singalila hike.
The Tour of Tholung is one of the greatest spots to hike around Sikkim, at an elevation of 7999 feet in the region of Gangtok. A journey to Tholung will be unforgettable for everyone who loves natural beauty. It’s a 10-day walk from Bagdogra base camp and continues up to Lingsha.
best treks in sikkim
base camp trek in Everest
The journey takes you through the lush mountain scenery along the route, with the lovely diversity of flora and wildlife. Your weariness removes from the eye-catching mountains, hamlets, alpine trees, and yaks.
Near Tholung Trek there are several notable touring sites, such as the Toling Monastery, Tolung River, Pi Chi River Ring, and many others. Between March and May is the greatest time to visit the Tholung Trek. While this tour offers great challenges, you will be captivated by the beautiful landscape of valleys, woods, lakes, and mountain vistas.

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