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7 Stylish Touches That Can Complete Your Bathroom

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There are so many things you can do with bathroom accessories in Melbourne to add a stylish touch to your bathroom. Read these seven tips and start implementing them today for a suave bathroom you’ll be proud to wash in.

Quirky Mirrors:

Rectangular mirrors are so passé these days. When you look for  bathroom accessories in Melbourne, look for quirky, interesting mirrors that have unusual shapes like circles or arches with an art deco feel. Avoid naked light bulbs around the edges of mirrors, as this is hardly a sophisticated look. Choose up-lighting or sconce lighting on either side of the mirror. These kinds of lights will produce a flattering and even illumination.

Wall Mounted Fixtures:

‘Floating’ fixtures are all the rage when it comes to bathroom accessories in Melbourne. This means that toilets and sinks do not have a step or foot on the ground, but are instead protruding out from the wall. They’re perfect for a clean and modern bathroom ambience.bathroom

Designer Drainage:

Even such things as your drainage can become a stylish feature. a simple decision to match your drain with your tapware can make a huge difference to the visual cohesion of your bathroom design. There are many options when it comes to shower drainage, so make sure you explore all them before arriving at your final decision.

Modern Lighting:

Lighting can do so much for the feel of a room. The wrong lighting can strike a discordant note even if everything else is in place in your bathroom. Make sure you contemplate lighting options . You will want even lighting that is bright enough for shaving or make up application in front of your vanity, while other areas may must a more ambient style of light. Lighting is one type of bathroom accessory that should not buy.bathroom

Beautiful Flowers and Plants:

Fresh cut flowers and pot plants are perfect for adding a pleasant sense of freshness and greenery to a bathroom. Do your research and find pot plants that thrive indoors in a humid and moist environment. Change any cut flowers often to avoid limp flower arrangements that are past their best. It could say that the natural element is something that is often forgotten when choosing bathroom accessories in Melbourne. Make sure you don’t make this mistake!
Make Use of Scents:
Bathrooms are great areas of the home in which to indulge your sense of smell in fine fragrances. Choose from diffusers, candles, flowers or room sprays to cast a heady mix of fine aromas into the room. You may not have thought of these items as essential bathroom accessories in Melbourne, but they can elevate your bathroom space.bathroom

Match Accessories:
Your bathroom accessories in Melbourne should all match each other to some extent, as this is how you make a bathrom appear cohesive. If you have items that don’t match, store them away somewhere accessible but not in clear view, otherwise they could disrupt the visual harmony of your space.

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