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Styling Your Kids’ Bedroom? Get any of These 6 Cool Bunk Beds!

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As a parent, you know that making your kids fall asleep is a difficult task to do. More often than not, they have an unlimited supply of energy that makes them survive a day even with just a little sleep. You want your kids to get the rest that they need to remain healthy. So what should you do to entice them to have their much-needed sleep? Well, you can style their bedroom with these cool bunk beds. In this guide, you would know the different bunk beds offered in the market.

1. Wooden Bunk Beds:

Safety is the primary concern of most parents when buying a bunk bed. To address this, wood material uses to manufacture this product. Since it is not prone to damage, it can surely last for years. Besides that, it also comes in different shapes, styles, and colors. See the list of cool wooden bunk beds below.

a. Bedz King Twin Over Bunk Bed:

The bed frame of this bunk bed weighs 233 pounds and made from Brazilian pine. The top bunk and the side of its staircase compose of railings to reduce the risk of accidents. It is not a typical bed because it has a staircase that also functions as a drawer. You can use it to hide your kids’ unused toys and clothes. To make the room look complete, you might also want to shop for designer chairs here.

b. Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed:

This bunk bed can accommodate up to 3 kids through its three twin mattresses on top of one another. In this way, you can save a considerable amount of floor space. It has two separate ladders that you can use to access the second and third bunks. The bed frame is pretty large so that it can use by your kids even as they grow taller.

l shaped triple bunk bed
l shaped triple bunk bed

c. Scholz Over Twin Bunk Bed:

The design and color of this bunk bed inspired by a treehouse. It makes out of solid wood materials making it capable of holding kids up to 160 pounds. To make it more like a house, the upper bunk has two small windows and a slanted roof while the lower bunk appears like a living room.

2. Metal Bunk Beds:

Metal bunk beds are less popular than wooden ones but are significantly cheaper. It is lightweight which makes moving it easier. If you want to reorganize your kids’ bedroom, you can easily do so with this type of material. Aside from this, you can assemble the bunk bed all by yourself within a short period.

a. Coaster Home Furnishings Full Over Full Bunk Bed:

This Coaster home bunk bed has a classic vibe and stylish design. It has two large mattresses that can give your kids enough space to sleep in. To ensure the stability of the bunk bed, it uses a strong metal tube for support. It can hold kids weighing up to 400 pounds which your kids can’t easily outgrow.

coaster home furnishings bunk bed
coaster home furnishings bunk bed

b. Walker Edison Modern Metal Pipe Bunk Bed:

Putting this bed together is not challenging because it makes lightweight frames. In fact, you can easily assemble it without the help of other people. You can choose from black, silver, gray, and white. Identify the color that best matches the interior of your kid’s bedroom. In terms of size, it is quite smaller than the bunk beds mentioned above but it can hold up to 250 pounds on each bunk.

Metal Pipe Bunk Bed
Metal Pipe Bunk Bed

c. ACME Full over Queen Metal Bunk Bed:

This bunk bed includes two full-size mattresses that can accommodate both teens and adults. The bottom bed can hold up to 350 pounds. The lower bed is less durable making it hold only up to 175 pounds. It composes of two integrated ladders that will allow you to climb to the upper bunk without hassle.

In Conclusion:

Getting a wooden or metal bunk bed depends on your kids’ needs and your allotted budget. If you can’t splurge a large amount of money, metal bunk beds are a more viable option. But if budget is not a problem and you want to get the one that best matches your kids’ bedroom, then buy a wooden bunk bed!

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