Tips for Driving and Parking & a Few Tips For new Drivers.

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So what to do if you are stuck in the snow and how to behave?
It turns out there are a lot of tips on this matter. Here is some of them:
  • Increased revolutions of a cold engine, supported by a “suction” or “injector”, will prevent you from getting under pressure on a slippery road. The main rule is to keep the steering wheel straight in the direction of travel and go in tightness.
  • To move a car stuck in the snow, sometimes you need to get out and push the snow out from under the wheels. Having received the slightest opportunity to overclock, you can continue the journey.
  • If you feel that the car starts to slip, stop and try to go in the opposite direction. Slowly and little by little, you will be able to roll out a rut, which will give you room to speed up and overcome the snow obstacle.
  • To increase traction, when you start the car, grooved floor mats can place under the drive wheels. Just don’t forget to return for them when the car gets out of the trap.
  • To ease the next start-off, stopping in the snow, you cannot brake sharply – then the tires do not form a smooth track under them. Moreover, the wheels will not get stuck in uncompacted snow under the action of the car’s inertia.

    best truck tyre brands
    best truck tyre brands

Automatic Transmission:

  • If you have an automatic transmission, you cannot slip in one place for a long time. Try to go ‘swinging’, memorize the selector R and D positions so that you can quickly and without looking to switch between these modes. If there are so-called fixed stages ‘1, 2, 3’, swing in R and 2. And remember – you cannot give a lot of gas in the snow; you need to press the gas pedal very smoothly and lightly.
  • In winter, it is helpful to carry a wide janitor’s shovel with you. It is more effective than sapper, folding, and other children’s shovels.
  • If you can’t get out of the snow captivity on your own, you will have to ask for help. It is safer to ask passers-by to “push” your car. Remember that it will be easier to pull out if you use the clutch correctly. It would best if you left “in the swing” so that the car swayed forward and backward. To perform this action, it is necessary to alternate the clutch – gas.
  • If you will tow with a cable, the main thing is not to rush and do everything smoothly, especially for the car that will rescue you. If your vehicle is not new for a long time, first check that the cable eyelet is securely fastened. Include first gear and begin to move away at the moment when the cable starts to stretch.

    best truck tyre brands
    best truck tyre brands


  • At the beginning of your driving experience, it is better to speak, not to be impudent, but to let everyone pass when you even slightly doubt the correctness of actions, especially at intersections.
  • The following rule applies to beginners and experienced drivers: do not talk on your mobile phone while driving. If the call is urgent, it is better to stop talking and only then continue driving.
  • Remember to equip your vehicle with the corresponding tires. Suppose you own a truck, conduct thorough research on the best truck tyre brands in your region.
  • Please do not rush to start an action until you are sure that it is safe to perform. Many nervous drivers can honk or blink a high beam so that you, for example, miss it or start moving away from a traffic light. Before reacting to all this, make sure it is safe. Indeed, in the event of an accident, only you will be to blame, and not the one who urged you on.

    best truck tyre brands
    best truck tyre brands
But don’t think that in a year or two you will become a professional. Some two years later become virtuosos of their craft, and some, having studied all their lives, lose control of the car in a non-standard situation.

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