Helmets and Bluetooth: All the Tricks and Secrets About These.

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Bluetooth helmets have been a definite step forward in the automotive industry. So, today let’s discuss how the two main groups of Bluetooth for helmets (integrated and third-party Bluetooth helmets) install and how they work.
At a time when communication between people is more intense and important than ever, riding a motorcycle can totally deprive you of an urgent call to warn you of a sudden change in plans or any danger.
There are many questions posed by both two- and three-wheel users in this regard. And the main question is can technology offer a hands-free system as effective as the ones already standard in cars?
What is more, should a motorcyclist be aware of a conversation when he is on the road that requires particularly attentive riding … and whose mistakes are the most expensive?
Bluetooth Helmets
Bluetooth Helmets
There are motorcycle riders who intend to think that it is better not to distract anything on a motorcycle.
Another group of riders says that “the remedy can be worse than the disease” if one is tense and too aware that the cell phone vibrates in the pants to stop as soon as possible if it stops anywhere to answer if it takes out the mobile between traffic lights and traffic light to manipulate it.

Bluetooth helmets
Bluetooth helmets

What exactly are Bluetooth helmets and how do they actually work?

While the authorities, manufacturers, and users are looking for a legal framework.
The helmet with integrated Bluetooth that we tested was a convertible helmet with the entire system incorporated and thus perfectly camouflaged (nothing see, not a cable or a connection), you get the classic helmet transport bag, a book on the structure and parts, a charger just like a mobile phone, a book on the operation of Bluetooth and a small annex to it.
The entire system manages with the three buttons: the one that puts “on-off” is to synchronize with external devices (another helmet or the mobile phone) and turn it on, the button with the + sign is to raise the volume, and the – sign to lower it.
After charging the battery by connecting the charger to a flexible socket perfectly concealed in the nape pad, you can start. You have to first carry out the “pairing”, synchronize the elements you want to communicate via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth helmets

Today almost all of us are very familiar with this system because it is very like what we do many times with the mobile to pair it with the car audio, or similar. If you have “good hands” with electronic things, it will take about 5 minutes.
If you are clumsy (like me, for example) then between what you mess up and whatnot, a quarter of an hour.
This process only has to do once per element and varies depending on the instrument you want to use, so we are not going to stop to explain it.
Basically, it is about pressing the “on-off” button until the green light flashes, putting the mobile in “connections”, that both sources locate, and that’s it. Each time you unplug it, you have to locate them again, but the process can take 10 to 15 seconds.

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