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8 Tips For Buying Medicines In Mail-Order Pharmacies.

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Especially during the main travel season, the supply of medicines for the first-aid kit needs to replenish. Almost every second person buys medicines online today. We have taken a closer look at the reasons for this and explain what you should pay attention to when ordering medicines online.
While two years ago only 33 percent said they ordered drugs online, the figure is now 46 percent. Almost every second person buys medicines online – and is still quite happy with it. One should positively emphasize the wide range, the speed of delivery, and the price-performance ratio.
Online purchases are also more convenient and a welcome alternative for those with limited mobility. But not all offers are reliable, and ordering prescription drugs also raises questions. We give answers.
With these tips, you can safely buy medicines online.

Save Costs on Over-the-Counter Drugs:

Online pharmacies often offer non-prescription or over-the-counter drugs at significantly lower prices than retail pharmacies. It is because fixed prices for over-the-counter pharmacy-only drugs lift back in 2004. In this way, savings of up to 60% can achieve in individual cases. Price comparison of the online pharmacies is worthwhile.

Prescription Drugs only with an Original Prescription:

Prescription drugs are also available from internet pharmacies. But the online pharmacy also needs the valid original prescription by letter. Email or fax is not enough. It the regulates by law. Online pharmacies that disregard this rule are dubious and should avoid when opting to buy medicines online. The postage costs you incur for sending the prescription reimburse by some mail-order pharmacies.
buy medicines online
buy medicines online
The Federal Cabinet has introduced a law with a corresponding ordinance to strengthen local pharmacies. As a result of this pharmacy reform, legally insured persons are to pay the same price for prescription drugs in the future, regardless of whether they buy through a local pharmacy or an on-line pharmacy in the EU.

Billing With the Health Insurance Company for Prescription Orders:

With prescription drugs, you, as the customer, often do not pay the entire drug but only more payment. It is no different when going to buy medicines online. Most German online pharmacies bill the health insurance companies directly, but unfortunately, not for everyone.
In these cases, you as a customer must first make advance payment and apply for repayment of the costs yourself from your health insurance company.

Bulk Orders and Shipping Costs:

In the face of the low prices of online pharmacies, you always have to take the shipping costs into account. Many pharmacies offer free delivery from a certain smallest order value.
Regardless of this, it makes sense to buy pharmaceuticals in larger quantities right away. Especially in winters, it is a very good idea to refill your medicine cabinet. Even chronically ill people who need medication on a long-term basis can save a lot when in bulk. Also, many pharmacies offer discounts on bulk orders.


If you ask in your main pharmacy about medication for diseases such as hemorrhoids or genital fungus, this can be very uncomfortable. Especially when others, maybe even neighbors, are in line behind you. The online pharmacy helps you to order handily and anonymously from home.

Private Customer Advice by Email or Phone:

Patients are often reluctant to order or buy medicines online because they fear that the advice will not be the same as in the pharmacy on site.
But, most online pharmacies already counteracting this and offer personal and equally competent advice by email or telephone. Some even check the ordered drugs for negative interactions.
Besides, you will find detailed information on the drug in question in the product descriptions – often just as extensive as on the package insert. The advisory service is so not too scarce. It confirms by 45 percent who satisfied with the information received.

Beware of Spam Mail:

Medicines at dumping prices are particularly popular in emails. You should not strike here when choosing to buy medicines online. It is not uncommon for these products to be counterfeits that contain other active ingredients or none at all. The spam emails are often provided with computer viruses or Trojans. If you do not know who is sending an email, you should delete that email without opening it!

Recognize Respected Mail-order Pharmacies:

Of course, online pharmacies are not spared from scammers who sell counterfeits or cheat buyers out of their money. We recommend that you only order from Internet pharmacies in Germany or the EU so that you do not get them.


If you choose to buy medicines online you must only pick that online pharmacy that must adhere to govt guidelines and meet the same high standards of consumer protection and drug safety as a classic pharmacy. You can find a list of safe and registered mail-order pharmacies at the Federal Association of Mail -Order Pharmacies.

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