Download CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 & Last Year Paper.

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You need to practice well if you want to score good marks in the CBSE Class 12 Question Papers. The paper pattern has changed, and completing the syllabus is not enough anymore. There are direct questions to application-based questions, and then there are high-order thinking questions. You should prepare to answer any type of question asked in the exam. For that, you must know how to write the answer in the best way. This can do with CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 and Last Years’ Papers. The marking scheme available with them also helps in understanding the new question pattern.
Download the paper and use the tips we have shared in this article to improve yourself.

Download CBSE Class 12th papers from VSI:

You can get the CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 and previous year papers from the VSI Jaipur website. Visit the link to access all the sets of papers. The answer keys are also available easily. Download the papers today.

Tips for using paper effectively:

You can get the most benefits from solving the CBSE class 12 papers of previous years and the sample papers. Use these tips:

cbse sample paper 2020-2021 class 12
CBSE sample paper 2020-2021 class 12
  • Finish the study of your syllabus at least once. Then only start solving the sample papers. If you don’t finish the syllabus, you will have to leave out questions from the papers.
  • After you finish the syllabus, revise at least once. Only then should you solve the sample papers and the previous year’s question papers. Take these papers seriously and solve them as your main exams.
  • Whenever you solve the CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021 or the last year papers like exams, use the horizontal sheets given in the board exams. It will set your writing style, and won’t face problems in the board exams.
  • Keep your presentation neat and avoid overwriting. If you make a small mistake, strike through the text twice in neat lines. Write above it or next to it. Ensure the words are readable. If there is no space or want to cross out many lines, write the paragraph or answer again.
  • Use proper formats in the answers.
  • Avoid using abbreviations that are not allowed. If you have any confusion, then ask your teachers about the use of abbreviations in the exams.
  • Write complete answers but make sure your writing speed is good throughout the paper.
  • Be strict with the three-hour and 15 minute time. Use the 15 minutes only to read the questions and plan which one to attempt. Then give three hours for writing the answer.

Benefits of solving Sample Papers:

There are many benefits of solving the CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 and other old question papers. You can improve your preparation in so many ways like:
cbse sample paper 2021 class 12 solutions
CBSE sample paper 2021 class 12 solutions
Time Management: How you use the three hours and 15 minutes of your exam time will judge your exam results’ performance. The more planned and focused you stay, the better it will be. But even after making plans, you need to test if they are beneficial for you. What’s better than taking mock tests through the sample papers. You can analyze the most effective way to divide the 3 hours and 15 minute exam time. With more analysis and improvisation, you can ensure that you use your exam time efficiently.
Identify Mistakes: When you check your answers with the correct solutions and the marking scheme, you will find many more mistakes than you expected. You will come to know which topics/concepts are not clear to you, where you knew the answer but not the process or the correct answer presentation.
Understand Question Pattern: With the new exam pattern in the CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021, you can see how the questions will ask in the board exam. The marks distribution pattern for questions is also changed in the sample paper, so you need to go through it.

Understand Marking Pattern: Get to know how examiners give marks to you in the main exams with the help of the marking scheme shared by CBSE. The marking scheme has shown marks distribution for each question. For example, there is a question of three marks; now you don’t know which part of it has how many marks. But the marking scheme shows which point has how many marks. Use the marking scheme as a reference to learn how to write scoring answers.

CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021
CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021


Q1. What is the new paper pattern of the CBSE Board class 12 in 2021?
Ans. Refer to the marking scheme PDF of CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 to see the new marking pattern.
Q2. Where can I find sample papers CBSE Class 12 Question Papers of the last 10 years?
Ans. Visit the VSI website to get the CBSE Class 12 Papers of Previous Years.
Q3. Will any questions ask from the CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021?
Ans. It is not definite that any question will come from the sample paper, though there are chances that CBSE can twist the main exam question.
Q4. Are sample papers and last year’s papers enough for exam preparation?
Ans. Yes, the papers are enough for practice; you don’t need to buy any specific books for it.
The CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 and the previous year’s papers are necessary for you. Don’t skip them; try to practice more and more papers. But after solving every paper, cross-check your answers thoroughly. Take points of questions where you made mistakes. If you find any different questions, highlight them and revise them later as well. Remember, finding mistakes in your solved practice papers will lead you to rectify and learn from them. When you know your weak concepts, you can cover them easily.
Practice, Check, Improve, and Repeat.

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