7 Qualities that Good Celebrity Managers Do Not Possess.

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Celebrities work with a lot of people, probably more than what fans can imagine. Regardless of whether they are newbies or veterans, these figures meet different kinds of individuals as they journey in their careers. They can build fresh relationships and connections within the entertainment community. While socializing can be oftentimes exhausting, especially because they fill with work, celebrities enjoy the social networks they become part of.
But before these superstars go out there on screens and stages, interact with fellow artists and staff, do their jobs as actors, actresses, musicians, dancers, singers, and so on, they have celebrity managers taking care of and handling them, so they can do well. Working under a celebrity management company, celebrity managers are the ones closely working with the artists assigned to them or personally decided by them. They take part in on-screen and off-screen duties and play a huge role in personages’ lives and careers.
Celebrity managers work hand in hand and to the fullest extent with their celebrities. They can consider as parents of the artists they handle. Because of that, they must carry pleasing personalities and attitudes both in professional and in personal terms. That is essential so that celebrities will care for and will not manipulate to have a negative character as well.
Good celebrity managers are respectable. They earn respect from their artists, from the fans of the stars, from their celebrity management company, and from everybody they meet as they work. The opposite of them cannot stay long in the industry without causing inconvenience.
To enlighten you on how to detect the good ones and the bad ones, here are 7 qualities that good celebrity managers DO NOT have!
Before artists sign contracts with advertisers, writers, and directors and communicate with fans, celebrity managers are there to see what’s up. They have an important say when it comes to accepting offers, collaborating, and meeting people. They are responsible for loads of tasks such as representing, mediating, and speaking on behalf of their artists.
As good celebrity managers operate, they are NOT impolite and NOT rude to anyone in any way. They may not come to good terms with some people in the industry, but they do NOT disdain anybody regardless if these are celebrities, staff who make mistakes, or diligent fans who keep looking for their artists.


The right artist managers are NOT dishonest. They tell celebrities what’s good and bad for them, what looks nice and unfitting on them. They counsel artists when needed, so managers really cannot be dishonest to give them the best advice. For celebrities to get the best and display their best selves, celebrity managers should be honest in upholding them.
famous celebrity managers
famous celebrity managers
At the same time, they must NOT be unloyal. Just like honesty, loyalty brings in a ton of trust which is important in working together for a long time. Of course, that loyalty can be set aside if the celebs are doing something corrupt. But if there’s nothing wrong, loyalty towards artists must be tightly kept by managers.
Unloyal celebrity managers will just leave or betray their artists when they see a “better” opportunity from someone else.


This may be lighter compared to the previous numbers, but dependable celebrity managers are NOT unresponsive. Their lines are NOT thoroughly closed, and they are NOT hesitant to pick up calls and reply to messages. They value being there where they need it when they need it.
how much do celebrity managers make
how much do celebrity managers make?
Managers who do not respond when their artists or companies call them for something urgent and important are NOT reliable. How can they immediately attend to their artists’ needs if they are unreachable? They will inform late and arrive too late in case of emergencies and decisions to be quickly made.


Agreeable celebrity managers are NOT extremely impatient. There’s an emphasis on ‘extremely’ because it is undeniable that certain times are understandable why they become impatient. It’s just that they must know when patients should be properly exercised and lengthened. They can’t just be mad whenever they want and can’t demand to serve as fast as they please. They have to be considerate of others as well, especially because the entertainment industry is no joke.
In reality, although a lot of fans think that their favorite icons are perfect, after all, they are just the same humans. These celebrities have shortcomings, incapabilities, and mistakes too. Extremely impatient celebrity managers know that so well, yet they still display their gigantic disappointment and anger towards artists whenever they commit wrongs or fail to meet expectations, including no-big-deal matters.
Hot-headed managers cannot work well with different kinds of people. They make people uncomfortable and don’t leave a good impression. Remember, severe impatience can provoke oneself to hurt others, be it physically or emotionally. These kinds of celebrity managers make unhealthy relationships in and out of the workplace.

5 – BOSSY:

In some ways, managers are ‘bosses’ over their artists because they are the ones briefing, mentoring, and guiding them through stardom’s road. They may often see behind the scenes, but managers give instructions and reminders that artists must and do obey. In short, they have authority.
get in contact with celebrity managers
get in contact with celebrity managers
While that is true, good celebrity managers are NOT bossy around their artists and anybody. Bossiness creates a tense atmosphere. Similarly, they do NOT tolerate when their artists show bossiness over anyone. Instead, they execute and encourage healthy leadership. They work professionally while respecting others and not humiliating anybody.


Rooting for their artists is natural for celebrity managers. They treat them like their own kids even if sometimes their age gaps are not that huge. Promoting, advertising, and advocating their artists are automatic to them because their occupation focuses on bringing the best for these celebrities.
Furthermore, because they stand as guardians, good celebrity managers protect their artists. Whenever there are harmful rumors intended to ruin icons’ reputation, managers are among the first people, if not the first, to take action to control critical situations and their aftermath. Shutting down false articles, taking legal steps, and releasing official statements to prevent damaging issues against their artists is part of the celebrity management company’s responsibility.
Of course, artist managers love the celebrities they handle. It’s a necessity to establish a lasting relationship with them. But, honorable celebrity managers are NOT overly biased to the extent that they will condone artists who do wicked deeds. They do NOT step on other people just to shield and secure their artists who are guilty of scandalous claims. They are righteous and just.


The term “manager” seems like a luxurious tag for a lot of people who don’t know what celebrity managers really do. While many think that celebrity managers just supervise and rule, the truth is that they actually serve too. They do a lot of services.
They devote their time and energy to their artists’ lives. Definitely, not only to their careers but to their whole lives. The face and the needs of their celebrities are put first before theirs.
That is why good celebrity managers are NOT selfish. They cannot be because if they are, they should not be celebrity managers in the first place.


Indeed, celebrity managers are major contributors as artists traverse through the entertainment industry. While they also have power, they must bear a desirable personality first. It’s also part of being professional.
If celebrity managers have the above-mentioned qualities, working with them would be difficult and dangerous for the celebrities they are in charge of. One, the celebrities might treat unfavorably, and two might sway into developing unlikeable qualities. Both are in no way fine.
Since they are not simply laboring behind the curtains but in a lot of aspects, they truly make an impact on the lives of the stars they handle. The question is what kind of effect do they exude. The answer should be positive, and that will only be possible if these celebrity managers themselves are good in nature.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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