What Are The Key Differences Between Web and Cloud Hosting?

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The term “cloud” is the most talked-about technology these days. But still, most of them are unaware of the real meaning and what wonders it can bring. It is quite different from traditional web hosting and has some distinguishable features.
There is great potential with cloud technology as it has innumerable advantages. It works on virtualization which is a space very different from web hosting. Its functioning is more aligned with the needs of the user and they have to pay for the exact resources in use. Let’s get to know more about the two-

Web hosting is a more traditional web hosting technology that simply stores your files on a web server. So basically whenever a visitor requests a domain name, the website associated with it displays. The website owner has full control over the server resources and there will be no sharing with other websites. This is why more expensive compared to shared hosting services and in more demand.

cloud hosting India
cloud hosting India

What is cloud hosting?

When the storage host within a virtual space, then it refers to as a cloud hosting model. Unlike web hosting, you don’t have to pay for space on the server. You have to pay for all the server resources you will be utilizing. Your website or application will not hosts over a single machine. Instead, it spread across many connected servers. Cloud hosting in India, the server locates at a single location but is available across a wide geographical area.

Cloud hosting in India
Cloud hosting in India

Key Differentiating Factors:

Both web and cloud hosting can differentiate based on many significant factors. Each of them have their set of pros and cons, still, cloud hosting rules the hosting world. But to understand it in a better way, let’s go through all the distinctive features so that you come up with a rational and informed decision-

Control Over the Server:

Cloud hosting is nothing the web hosting services like shared hosting. As there is sharing of the same space in shared hosting, it can never guarantee the level of control that cloud hosting can offer. The cloud hosting space make up of virtual servers organized in a very organized manner. Web hosting providers tend to host a bunch of websites on the same space, While, cloud hosting provider creates a separate virtual compartment, thus there is no confusion about the resources. You might feel less of control over the server as cloud hosting manages all the server resources using their expertise so that nothing goes wrong.
You can always manage the resources by logging in with the client root access into your control panel. We will also get all the required help for disaster recovery. So any time you feel that something is going wrong, you can instantly switch to a secondary server.

Availability of Resources:

Cloud hosting in India is famous for providing on-demand resources and more services for companies to sail through spiked demands. As soon as it observes a rise in the website traffic, it shifts your website to alternate server space dynamically. This eliminates all the chances of website failure or unattended clients. Along with dynamic resourcing, other services like automatic backup, free domain registration, etc. are all included in your cloud hosting plan. This is why cloud hosting knows to be a dynamic hosting model. It adjusts server specifications as per the demands and website traffic. By bouncing your website between servers, it meets all the performance benchmarks.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Cloud hosting does not believe in restarting the server every time you need to scale up. Instead, it has the facility to scale up anytime you want. The availability of resources is so much enough that scalability would be the last thing you would need to worry about once hosted on a cloud server. Due to such world-class scalability, cloud hosting is so flexible also. The resources distribute with immense flexibility and at greased lightning speed. There are no extra charges for such sensational resource distribution or overpaying for world-class scalability. Another very fascinating feature of cloud hosting is that it frees up the unnecessary space stuck up in trivial data.

cheap cloud hosting India
cheap cloud hosting India

Top-Notch Security:

Security is something wherein cloud hosting does not compromise at all. All kinds of malicious activities like data hacking, data loss, unauthenticated login, etc. cover within the cloud hosting plan. Keeping your and your customer’s data confidential is the mantra on which cloud hosting in India works. Thus it has incorporated such exceptional ways to deal with security threats like automatic scanning of viruses, SSL certificates, plug-ins, etc. to protect against spam. Cloud hosting has even introduced complimentary web application firewalls and advanced monitoring systems to support your data.


Now when we have discussed both types of hosting, you have to decide which one is better. Businesses need and perform differently under different hosting infrastructures. Shared web hosting can be the suitable hosting type if you are under budget constraints and are not expecting much website traffic in the coming future.
If your website is expecting more than the normal traffic or you need world-class security, then cloud hosting is the most suitable hosting type for your website and applications.
Irrespective of your choice, cloud hosting remains one of the most cost-effective, scalable, and flexible hosting environments. If still in doubt, then give it try for yourself and then see your website grow exceptionally.

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