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How To Choose The Right Doctor Cosmetic For Treatments?

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How to Choose The Right Doctor Cosmetic For Treatments? As the practice of aesthetic medicine is not regulated, any doctor (general practitioner, dermatologist, surgeon, ENT specialist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, etc.) can decide to offer such care.
The skill and experience of the professional are essential focuses to consider. The products used are rarely at fault in the event of failure. But, the same product used by two different doctors can give two different results.
Choosing the “right” doctor is thus a major concern. It is also important, to be honest, and transparent with the chosen doctor to limit any further complications.

The Stages of Selection:

1. The first step is to find doctors practicing aesthetic medicine in a given geographic area. Such practitioners are not easily found, but there may be some near you.
The Aesthetic Medicine Centers, Anti-Wrinkle Injections, and Laser Hair Removal Centers websites help you easily locate doctors specializing in aesthetics. Professionals registered on these sites undertake in particular to have real expertise in the aesthetic procedures they offer and to use reliable, validated, and effective products in their daily practice.
2. The second step is to find the first information on the preselected doctors:
Diplomas obtained, specialized training followed, and number of years of experience
A number of cosmetic treatments offered: a doctor cannot have the same expertise for each procedure if he offers many types of treatment.

Number of days that the doctor devotes each week to aesthetic medicine: the results of the techniques are often linked to the practitioner’s experience.

cosmetic treatments
cosmetic treatments

The Reputation of the Practitioner:

This information, as well as patient testimonials, can found on the internet, but you can also take advantage of the recommendations of your acquaintances (word of mouth), your general practitioner, or your dermatologist if this one does not practice the cosmetic surgery. Do not hesitate to cross all the information collected before making a decision.
By consulting the Transparency – Santé public database, you can discover any links between a doctor and his suppliers (in particular laboratories): service agreements (“conventions”) and benefits in kind or cash received without consideration.
3. During the third stage, the patient meets the doctor or doctors he has chosen for more information.

Characteristics of a good doctor:

Besides his qualifications, a good doctor must listen, ask the right questions about patient expectations and cosmetic procedures already performed. He must clearly explain that any treatment presents risks and it must not lead to consumption. If the request for aesthetic treatment is psychological, the doctor must make the patient understand that the desired action must be part of more comprehensive care, to limit disappointments after the intervention. A responsible physician may LEDs to refuse an intervention that he considers inadequate or impracticable.
cosmetic treatments
cosmetic treatments
During the first appointment, the doctor must be transparent. He must not perform an action.

But Must Clearly Answer all Your Questions and Detail or Show:

  • The techniques he practices (specifying the number of these acts he performs each year).
  • Benefits and weaknesses of the different procedures (specifically the unwanted impacts).
  • Alternative techniques if a specific technique needs.
  • The strategy (s) that would turn out best for you.
  • Before and after photographs of their own (patients with attributes like yours).
  • Follow-up and post-intervention follow-up.
  • Management of any patient dissatisfaction after surgery.
  •  The prices of the aesthetic services offered.
A detailed quote must provide if the cost of the treatment is over $ 300. The patient then legally has 15 days of reflection.
The first appointment is an opportunity to get a more precise idea of ​​the doctor’s skills, as well as his teaching. It must inspire confidence in you and you must have a good “feeling”. Otherwise, don’t insist.
You can also go with a friend or a member of your family. This will allow you to compare your views, before making your decision.
A good doctor concern about the reception of his patients and thus takes care of his waiting room. The room must be clean and pleasant, the seats in enough number and comfortable, the newspapers available recent. Walls should not look sloppy. The soundproofing of the premises must be adequate.

Finally, it may be practical to choose a professional not too far from home to ensure ease of follow-up.

cosmetic treatments
cosmetic treatments

Should the price of treatments use as a selection criterion?

Aesthetic medicine is an expensive service and not a vital one, but one should not rely only on the price in the choice of a doctor or an aesthetic medical center.
Low prices are suspect and may be a sign of under-activity. Find out about the reason for these “low prices”. In contrast, high prices do not guarantee excellent results.
We must thus find the center that offers the “right price”. Each intervention is specific and requires a specific estimate, which is generally free. So ask several professionals, but do not necessarily choose the cheapest. It is better to pay a few tens of euros more and treats the professional with whom you are most confident.

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