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What is the Process of Cryopreservation of Embryos?

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If you desire to become a parent, but even after trying many times, you cannot conceive or get pregnant. Then the thought process of not being able to develop kept you in tension and stressed too. So the Mishka IVF center brings you the cryopreservation of embryo treatment for getting the wings of fulfilling the desire to have a baby and having a small and friendly family. It is the most beautiful experience in every couple’s life to enjoy their parenthood nicely and safely. But in some cases, many of them are not so lucky to enjoy this and have to consult with medical help for a successful pregnancy.
One should try the Mishka IVF center for a happy, safe, and successful pregnancy, as the hospital gives you the best IVF treatment with an 80% of favorable pregnancy and success rates. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is the IVF surgeon and director of the hospital Mishka IVF in Jaipur. She is well-experienced with professional knowledge of dealing with all the gynecologists and infertility problems. She treats her patients effectively and advises them on the best possible ways and treatments to cure them. The Mishka IVF center provides its patients with all the upgraded and high-tech machines and equipment. The team of Mishka IVF specializes in all the IVF treatments related to both males and females.

What is embryo cryopreservation?

When the extra embryos create at the time of the IVF process, they keep or stored successfully so that they can use later for the donation of embryos to other couples.
embryo cryopreservation risks
embryo cryopreservation risks
Omit embryo cryopreservation, the extra embryos store separately at low temperatures, or they froze to preserve them successfully so that they must use them in the future at any now. The embryo cryopreservation is an essential part of the IVF process.

What do you understand by In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

In vitro fertilization is the process or treatment which is part of ART or comes under this. That helps women conceive a baby at any age and time, following the patient timeline. The IVF process is being performed by the patient’s eggs or with the donor egg, and it depends on the patient’s condition. An artificial environment create outside the female body, precisely the same as a woman’s body, and the sperm fertilizer with that. Through this, several embryos make, but only 2 embryos transplant back into the mother’s womb. The embryo cryopreservation means the extra seed place or stored in the artificial lab for future use. The embryo, which transfers, will only help the woman succeed if it is the lining of the uterus. And the Checking of the pregnancy does through the blood test after transplantation of 2-3 weeks.

cryopreservation of embryo
cryopreservation of embryo

Reasons for cryopreservation of embryos:

There should be many reasons for the freezing of embryo cryopreservation by the doctor or the female. Few reasons list below:
  • Successful conceiving of the patients, then the extra eggs froze for future use.
  • The embryos stored can use in the future, and if the couple no longer needs them, then the eggs can donate as the donor egg if some other couple needs it.
  • Patients should feel that developing an extra embryo will help them in IVF if they cannot conceive in the future.
  • Genetic testing of pre-implantation perform, embryo freezing is compulsory for the biopsy to do.
  • Cancer patients might save the embryos well before their treatments as there is a high possibility of reduced chances of conceiving even after treatments.
  • When in some cases, the uterus cannot or not ready to develop because of some issues, embryo cryopreservation is workable.

Process of Embryo cryopreservation:

The procedure of cryopreservation of embryos will go through as the water cell create where the conservation should take place, formation of ice between the cells issue when freezing embryos. If any ice crystals form during the procedure, they get hurt in tiny structures in the cell.
The embryo must be delicately transferred to the cell and must protect well for successful freezing. A special fluid known as CPAs uses for this purpose, also known as “antifreeze” for cells.
For this, two methods are there, which might use by the doctors for embryo preservation: one calls slow programmable freezing, the other is vitrification.
In the slow freezing process, the embryos froze slowly in stages. CPAs add for 10-20 minutes with increasing strength over time. After this, the seeds cool for around 2 hours, where the temperature of the embryos decreases every minute. Then the storage of embryos do in liquid nitrogen at 321 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, after complete cooling.
embryo cryopreservation process
embryo cryopreservation process
In vitrification, rapid freezing does, with much more strengths of CPAs. In this method, the CPAs are first mixed with embryos by a doctor. These are very powerful and can damage cell linings. To prevent damage to the cells, they are immediately placed into liquid nitrogen. Embryos are quickly converted into a solid-state, just like a glass structure, through this process. So this is how prevention of ice formation does, so they cannot damage the embryos. When the roots need for the IVF process, they are slowly thawed up or brought to average temperature. Then they are gently soaked into some special liquids so that the CPAs remove them from them. This process also restores the cell’s average water balance.

Advantages of embryo cryopreservation:

As the timeliness changes so it is necessary to understand the cryopreservation of embryos so that they will help many of the couples:
  • in this doctors can do Many chances of pregnancy can do through the unused frozen embryos.
  • Obstruct pregnancy.
  • Females need chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Preimplantation of genetic testing.

Choosing Mishka IVF center:

The Mishka IVF clinic r in Jaipur is well facilitated with all services and treatments required for treating infertility. They are working for the last 6 years and have been giving their patients with parenthood experience. The hospital specializes in IVF treatments and has all the other essential services related to IVF, such as sperm cryopreservation, embryo cryopreservation, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, etc.
embryo cryopreservation cost
embryo cryopreservation cost
The cost of IVF with embryo cryopreservation at Mishka IVF center is, they take a starting deposit of 10,000 INR for Indian patients, while 1000$ for all the foreigners and NRIs. After every six months, a guarantee of 5000 INR or 400 dollars taken by the patients. The Frozen embryo transfer cycle cost is 30,000 for Indian patients, while it is 1250 dollars for all the foreigners.

The takeaway of the Blog:

The above Blog summarizes embryo cryopreservation and the process and treatments of this. The article helps you recognize all how cryopreservation does and the most suitable and practical center with this IVF treatment.
To get the best services and effective results, try Mishka IVF center today, which is also known as one of the best IVF centers in Jaipur Pink city.

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