Behind and Beyond Daft Punk Electroma Leather Jacket.

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Knowing that the duo Daft Punk is separating their ways, it breaks our hearts. We won’t be seeing the two wearing Daft Punk Leather Jacket and owning up the stage like anything. We have their amazing contribution to the music industry, which we can look up to, and that is probably the only good news.

Legends And Their Inclusivity:

There are some legends who we absolutely love, not just for the kind of people they are but also because of the marvelous and tremendous work they have given us. There is always this one element that separates legends from celebrities. Without a doubt, we know very well that where legends stand and where celebrities put up.
Legends are the ones who try to put their foot and experiment in every single corner to grab more and more audience and viewership. They are never hesitant to take risks. In fact, it is an absolute delight for them. Recall the names of some legends in your mind and then go through their timeline of work. You will definitely find some hidden treasures that you were not even aware of. Talking of legends, there is this one legendary band we are going to miss, and we are actually quite sad about the breakup. Yes, we are talking about Daft Punk here.

It’s All About Daft Punk Here:

Daft punk is a band that formed in 1993. What makes them so special and famous? Their anonymity and mysteries bring intrigue from all over. The french duo band pushed the boundaries and set amazing standards in mixing different and various genres together. From funk to disco to pop to hip hop and more to create their own sound. Punk has constantly delivered us incredible content, and with each musical step, and they have definitely paved the way for future generations of music artists.
All these compliments are not biased and not a low-key brag. We have some incredible and amazing facts about the french duo for you.

Some Fact:

1) You might not know a little too detailed history of the french duo band. Both Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter were part of a different band along with another artist named “Darlings.” Due to unfortunate turns of events and heavy criticism, they choose to separate their ways.
2) Daft Punk, the name came to its existence from the hatred band received when they were in Darlings. They said, and we quote, “Daft Punky Trash.”
3) Daft Punk’s fancy robotic helmets, which are now the uniforms of the band, reportedly cost $65,000 just to create, and it surely is a massive upgrade from the first Daft Punk era. Punks were not always Mr. fancy pants before the helmets. They both used to wear Halloween store masks or used face paint to hide their faces. The fancy robotic helmets are high-tech helmets.
4) Many of you might not know that the duo produced a movie. Not just any movie but a fictional movie. The movie features two robots( Daft Punk) who want to become human. The movie received mixed reviews.
5) Daft punk has not kept their talent to themselves only. They have collaborated and helped other artists too to get recognition and fame. Some of the memorable and worth mentioning collabs of Daft punk are with The Weeknd and Kanye West. Weeknd’s “Starboy” and “I feel it coming” have the composition of Daft Punk, and both the songs stayed on the top of the billboard for months. And it is no joke.

The Movie:

Daft Punk produces the film “Daft Punk Electroma,” and very few people are aware of it. Just how they have always kept their music directions completely differently. They have added several unique, or you can say, weird elements in the movie.
In Daft Punk’s Electroma, a large majority of the movie is in silence, knowing that most probably only two kinds of people watch silent movies, 1) who are deaf and 2) who are not fond of noise.
The whole freaking movie designs and set to be with a minimalist soundtrack and zero dialogues. Do you know what else a questionable thing is here? It is a fact that not even a single music is from Daft Punk’s albums. Throughout the movie, all that you see and hear are robotic faces and humming noise.
Till now, you might have gotten an impression of an awkward movie, but don’t create an assumption too soon. The movie tries to give away a silent and very strong lesson about society and its unjust demands from individuals. The movie is definitely a hidden masterpiece.

Daft Punk:

Daft punk, the duo living in a robotic world having a goal to transform into a human, explores a place (a white room) where they can fulfill their dream. After the transformation from robots to humans, they walk out of the room, back to the world feeling all glamorous and new. Having this new face and not robotic helmets, well, their people did not take that pretty well. Society for having individuality kicked them out of the town.
Well, isn’t that a relatable story for so many of us? Sure it is. There are many many experiments that we want to try and go for. We would be happy to bear the consequences, but it is the society we are afraid of. It is the people that ruin our happiness and make us feel like a fool or worthless. Some can survive the torture. Some lose hope and cage themselves forever.
Besides some dull points, we can say that the movie had some major lessons to teach us. The rejects of society, both the robots wearing Daft Punk Electroma Leather Jacket giving us context clues to understand what is happening in the silent movie, are seriously awfully weird but new.
Well, in the end, all that one can learn and continue to follow is that LIFE as a blessing gives to you, so it is your job to write it, change it, change it and attempt to spend it as a fair chance that you have a gift with it.

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