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Summer Food Items That Boost Your Dental Health.

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As the wind starts becoming cozy, we know that summer is knocking at our doors. The summer season is delightful as you get a chance to unwind in the outdoors and enjoy the freshness in the air. It is time that you meet your friends and family and enjoy barbeques and lounging in the outdoors. A beautiful smile is what people love from one another and with pale/ stained teeth, you certainly won’t be able to flash your confident smile, will you? Working on your teeth whitening regime is important and there many ways to do it. You can choose Crest teeth whitening strips and enjoy the outcomes. You can even visit a dentist and get a prescription. Whatever choice you make, you can always add a few healthy snacks to your diet that help you enhance the teeth whitening effects.
There are certain snacks that boost your oral health and give you a beautiful smile. Here we have made a list of three tasty and summertime snacks that have the power to boost your oral health and also offer you teeth whitening effects.

The Strawberries:

While many people think that the pink-colored fruit might actually stain the teeth, the reality is different. Strawberry is a citrusy fruit ad claims to be an effective fruit for the teeth. The dentists recommend that you must not cut the strawberry and eat it but bite it directly. As you cut the fruit directly, you get a fresh rush of citrus acid on the teeth. Also, the abrasive seeds on the fruit also rub against the teeth’ enamel and remove the stains, leaving behind whiter, clean and fresh teeth.

 dental health services
dental health services


Watermelon is one of the most cherished summer fruit. It is not only low on calories and great for health, but watermelon has a wide range of dental benefits to offer. As you consume a plateful of watermelon, you intake a large amount of water.

pure dental health
pure dental health

The high water content boosts your health, as well as enhances the production of saliva in the mouth. The more saliva you generate, the higher is the ability of your mouth to fight germs and bacteria. In fact, if the saliva generation is higher, you can even get rid of stains off your teeth.

The Fish:

Fish might not be a core summer snack, but you can’t deny that barbecued or grilled fish tastes amazing when you are enjoying it with friends. Fish, especially fishes like salmon, are a great source of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. the right level of vitamin D in your body enhance the calcium absorption ability of the body. This means that your body has the right levels of Calcium in the body to promote good bone and dental health.
dental health first
dental health first
As you work on your stained teeth with Crest teeth whitening strips, you must also add these summer snacks to your diet. The benefits of eating these common food items are great for whiter teeth. Make sure you have a healthy diet and enjoy great results.

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