How to Hire an Executive for Your Start-Up Business.

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The hiring of a CEO or Executive for a start-up is never an easy job. Working in a dynamic, established company is not as same as doing the job in a start-up. While hiring an executive for your start-up, you have to be conscious and wise to get the best option available. In this blog, we will discuss what qualities an executive should wield to hire as CEO.

Hire Professional with Experience in both Small and Big Firm:

There are boards and companies in the market which provide the best executives along with a whole team. Hiring a CEO with a team helps the company in maintaining a friendly environment. But always have a look at the experience of the executive you are hiring. Some professionals have experience trading and managing billions while others have worked only for small companies. An executive who started from small and reached the highest level is the best option for your company. However, whatever experience a CEO has, he comes with pros and cons that. Some of the advantages of different kinds of CEOs are the following.
Leadership hiring firms in Dubai
Leadership hiring firms in Dubai
Familiarity with Staff: Hiring from a big company ensures the familiarity of your potential CEO with the processes and systems big companies follow. He would be aware of how different systems work in a company. That experience will help your company to grow rapidly.
The other advantage of hiring an executive from a big company is that they would have an understanding of fixing the issues related to finances, communication, organizational structure, and everything else. They will also have connections in the market to pull in big investments in your company.
A connection of your potential CEO candidate with large and powerful groups in the industry is one of the aspects you must consider. Finding suppliers, key accounts and distributor is a challenge for a start-up. CEO with connections will solve this problem just by using that connection.

executive search firm in UAE
executive search firm in UAE

Always Go for a Humble and Down to Earth Executive:

Hiring a highly professional rigid CEO will not work for you if your company is just a start-up. Such kind of executive has their own requirements and they may not suit you as a start-up. Therefore, always hire an executive who is humble and down to earth. Such CEOs will easily fit in any kind of culture, environment, and atmosphere. While hiring a CEO, check if the CEO thinks that way.
View his working in a start-up as an opportunity to lift a new company. Many big-shot CEOs look at going from a big company to a start-up as a punishment, unfortunate, never hire them.
Never feel intimated and threatened by the negative attitudes of others. And, are always ready and happy to answer somebody half of their age.
executive search careers
executive search careers
Hiring a complaining executive could be the biggest mistake of a start-up. Such CEOs never work and always find flaws in your already existing hierarchy. Therefore, always go for an executive who is ready to lift your team by considering it his own team.
A CEO who shows a positive attitude even in the most difficult situations is rare to find. If you get one, hire him in the first place. Conversely, never hire toxic nature executives. They will poison your environment by bringing toxic culture.

Take away:

Start-ups without professional CEOs are like a house without a roof. CEO is the roof of the business; he gives the direction and the vision to the company. Even though, it is always tough to get the best suitable executive for your company. The easiest way to get the best CEO is by looking at his attitude, skills, experience, and general behavior especially with those who are working under him. You can also hire an executive search firm in UAE to help you recruit a competitive executive for your startup.

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