How To Start A Fresh Productive Day.

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There is no such thing as a perfect daily routine. Productivity comes with interests and drives towards a particular niche. Also, a productive daily routine depends on person to person.

If you’re a night owl, then waking up at 4:30 am just becoming your favourite entrepreneur might be a blundering decision for you. But if you’ve messed up in a lazy routine and are trying to charge your lifestyle, then you’re in the right place right now. We know exactly what you need.

Let us present you with an ideal general productive guide routine that’ll help you to bring your life on track.

Let’s get started:

6:30 Wake Up:

Sleeping time may differ from person to person. But when it comes to having a productivity load for the next day, you must have 7 – 8 hours of good sleep in general to charge your awareness.

According to science and researchers, good sleep can affect your productivity in so many ways. So having a sleep between 10:30 / 11:30 is the perfect time to go to bed.

7:00 Mindfulness:

According to successful, productive people around the world, the spending of a day matters a lot in how you start a day. Many people start a day with a long time of social media scrolling. It affects your productivity indirectly.

That’s why you’ve to replace those activities with some other activities that value your mind. Having meditation time is a good decision in that case. Also, you can start your day by reading your favourite newsletters.

7:30 Exercise:

Meditation or any kind of reading helps your mind to have a fresh start. Also having a good workout helps your body to prepare for a fresh and productive day.

It’s very important for long-term health because a daily workout habit not just improves your physical structure, but also improves your immune system. Try to attempt some stretches before your workout, it prevents muscle fatigue and injuries.

8:30 Breakfast:

After a workout load, now it’s time to give some fuel to your body, that’ll help you to keep your body active all day long. A good breakfast shouldn’t be heavy and full of junkies. It should be healthy and lightweight. Don’t forget to add some carbs to your breakfast.

Add some tastes or good flavours to match your dopamine needs. Also, if you’re already adopted the habit, try not to break it until it’s an emergency. It’ll affect your productivity and health cycle.

9:30 Coffee:

According to health experts, coffee can be bad for your digestive system if you’re drinking it right after bed. Take your breakfast, then after a few minutes have a good cup of coffee.

Try to add as little sugar as possible and consume it as a hot coffee instead of a cold one. According to experts, drinking coffee cold doesn’t decrease the caffeine effect but it makes you feel lazy.

After a few minutes’ gaps, start following your to-do list and complete your daily work within the time. For this time you’ll surely feel the positive vibe of starting a day by organizing your state.

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