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what is the Invisalign Process, And Complete guidance step by step?

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Should you be considering Invisalign, knowing what the procedure involves and the duration it will take is of great importance. This is because it’s a basic part of your treatment. You can’t possibly go through Invisalign treatment seamlessly without a single idea of what it’s like. Based on this, the process of getting Invisalign will discuss here for easy understanding.
Known to be an advanced treatment option for misaligned teeth, Invisalign treatment could be quite technical and complex, which is why you should research the topic. Blog posts and articles like what you’re reading now are a good start off. You will have a basic understanding of Invisalign to inform your decision properly.
Contact others who may have had Invisalign to learn of their experience. You will discover who their orthodontist was and how badly or excellent the entire treatment was for them. Don’t forget you can consult your dentist for professional advice. The good thing is that you won’t be under any obligation to start treatment at the initial consultation.

Choosing the right Invisalign provider:

After research, you will proceed to select the right dentist for the treatment. The choice of Invisalign as a treatment is a serious matter with life consequences. Most people consider it as a huge investment besides its impact on self-confidence in the long term. Looking at it from this point of view, you will understand how crucial it is to decide wisely. Take your time to consider who will be providing your Invisalign.
how long does the invisalign process take
how long does the Invisalign process take
Find out their experience and treatment results for previous patients. Know where the orthodontist’s office is and the treatment price. Be careful here. That a provider is nearby and their price is cheap may not mean it’s a good choice. Remember, it is a big decision!
Are the dentist and their team experienced, reliable, and understanding? You need to know this. Why? Invisalign takes several months, so finding a team you are comfortable with is important.

Consultation for Invisalign:

There are different Invisalign packages. A consultation will determine which you should get. Always bear in mind that Invisalign isn’t right for everyone! This is why your teeth and gums need to be professionally examined to ensure you get the best option. For instance, should your dental case be complex, the dentist may recommend an alternative treatment or more treatment to Invisalign.
Consultation is great as you get the chance to ask questions and equipped with information on Invisalign before treatment. Ask questions about special problems you have, cost, and timeline of treatment.
Your customized treatment plan:
So, you have researched, chosen a provider, and done a consultation, and now is time for treatment. You won’t just get any treatment. The dentist will arrange a tailor-made treatment for you. This begins with taking digital X-rays, photographs, and molded impressions of your teeth. With these available, the dentist has a treatment guide to follow. This brings us to the fun part. Do you know there is a 3D ClinCheck technology that allows us to show you how the treatment will change your teeth in the course of the treatment? Usually, the treatment takes around a year to do. However, your unique case will determine how long this treatment will complete.

invisalign process cost
Invisalign process cost
Custom aligners:
Here, you will give special aligners made to fit your teeth. This is the foundation of your treatment. The dentist will give you the first set of aligners. After 2 weeks of using this set, the dentist will give you another set. Aligners don’t irritate the gums as conventional braces do. You can take them out to brush and eat. Keep in mind that your first set of aligners, when worn, will cause slight discomfort during the first few days. But as time goes on, your teeth will get used to the aligners.
Every 6 weeks in the course of your treatment, you will have to visit the dentist. They will monitor the progress of your treatment. Adjustments to the aligners can also make to improve treatment and outcome.

invisalign process step by step
Invisalign process step by step
What happens post-treatment?
After your treatment – the custom plan, there won’t be any need for wearing aligners anymore. As part of the Invisalign process, you may need retainers following the end of aligner use. Different patients have different requirements anyway. All the advice you need in the treatment, we will give you.

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