Choose JVT Villas for your Family Residence in Dubai

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The Jumeirah Village Triangle is a housing estate located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s main thoroughfare. JVT villas for sale and townhouses with large gardens are the most common residential properties. On the outskirts of the triangle, houses are being constructed. Larger villas can be found in Jumeirah Circle, a nearby village.

Small villas and townhouses with one and two bedrooms are available in the Jumeirah Village Triangle. All of the property for sale in Jumeirah Village Triangle have large gardens, making them ideal for couples and small families. The nearby Jumeirah Village Triangle villas for sale with up to five bedrooms for those seeking more space.

Although there are a few high-rise buildings planned around the triangle, only four or five have been built, and while some medium-rise buildings have been completed (some are on hold), the majority of the lots have yet to be developed.

JVT Villas

JVT Transportation

  • In the Jumeirah Village Triangle, public transportation is available.
  • Bus F31 from RTA bus stations.
  • Taxis from the RTA can be found all over the area.

JVT villas for rent have a lack of public transportation, so if that’s something you rely on heavily, it’s probably not the right fit for you. Car-hailing services like RTA taxis, Careem, and Uber are popular options for JVT residents who do not drive or own a vehicle.

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Commute times from Jumeirah Village Triangle by car

  • 30 minutes to Dubai International Airport
  • It takes 26 minutes to get to Downtown Dubai.
  • 22 minutes to Palm Jumeirah
  • 18 minutes to Jebel Ali.
  • 15 minutes to Arabian Ranches.

JVT Key Point

  • A peaceful neighborhood
  • Walking distance to grocery stores
  • nearby the city
  • There isn’t much public transportation.

Jumeirah Village Triangle villas for sale are pet-friendly (though this varies by apartment) and is primarily populated by couples and families. So expect kids, pets, and couples to have a good time and take advantage of JVT’s facilities. JVT villas for rent have a strong sense of community and a lot of friendly people.

Jumeirah Village Triangle Life at Day

Apartments for sale in Jumeirah Village Triangle is a calm and peaceful environment during the day, as parents go to work, children go to school, and other family members go about their day or run errands. People will be using the fitness center or the communal swimming pool. The neighborhood also has a variety of places for walking, outdoor activities with families and pets, jogging, and cycling.

Jumeirah Village Triangle Life at night

Jumeirah Village Triangle apartments for rent become somewhat crowded at night as people return from work or school and walk around the community. Residents go shopping, to parks, jog late at night, or go for a walk with their pets.

What are the amenities at Jumeirah Village Triangle?

The properties differ according to the JVT. The exteriors of the villas and townhouses are designed in the Mediterranean and Arabian styles, and the gardens are larger in size as the villa or residence grows larger. Jumeirah Village Triangle villas for rent determines whether or not it has a swimming pool. The apartment’s size, quality, view, noise level, and equipment are all determined by the building.

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