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Does Laser Light Therapy Really Regrow Women’s Hair?

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For women, hair has always been a significant part of their appearance. Women worldwide spend a lot of their money buying many hair-care products that promise to keep their mane thick and robust.
But, there are a lot of things that are beyond one’s control. Hair thinning and balding are among them. Women who suffer from such conditions often get disheartened, and no matter what they do, they cannot get to make their hair look and feel strong and full.
Women search for the best hair loss treatment for females at various places. They also get trapped into buying expensive products with false promises. But there is one hair treatment bound to prove effective for all those women who tire of looking at their thin hair in the mirror. It is laser light hair regrowth therapy.

What is Laser Light Therapy Treatment?

Laser light or low dose laser therapy regards as the best hair loss treatment for females. It is a safe light/heat treatment use to treat genetic hair loss in both women and men. It also uses for treating androgenetic alopecia or pattern balding.
This therapy is also called cold laser, soft laser, red light therapy, photobiomodulation, and biostimulation. In this treatment, medical-grade lasers use to give low-level and safe laser light to the scalp area.
best laser cap for hair loss
best laser cap for hair loss
The light energy gets absorbed by the hair follicles, which ensures that the hair continues to grow. Upon the absorption of the light, there is an increase in microcirculation. It leads to the distribution of a greater amount of nutrients and blood supply to the hair follicle.
Low-dose laser therapy triggers cellular activity in the hair follicles. It helps to reduce hair loss and, at the same time, allows the hair to regrow.

Laser Therapy for Pattern Balding:

Pattern balding affects seventy percent of men and 40 percent of women. In men, it calls male pattern balding, and in women, it calls female pattern balding. This hair loss in men reflects a distinct alopecia pattern that involves hairline recession and vertex balding. In women, this hair loss reflects in hair thinning on the top of their scalps.
Low-dose laser therapy comes in the list of the best hair loss treatment for females, along with hair transplantation and minoxidil and finasteride therapy. Several devices use in this laser therapy that emits a light that penetrates deep into the scalp.
The light consists of excimer, fractional erbium-glass, and helium-neon lasers. Low-dose laser therapy utilizes devices that contain diodes that emit infrared radiation that is available as overhead panels, head caps, and hand-held devices.

Who Should Undergo Laser Light Therapy?

Laser light therapy is apt for women and men suffering from hair loss due to a hereditary condition. Physicians use a Norwood-Hamilton Classification system for men and Ludwig-Savin Scale for women to gauge the degree of their hair loss.
Low-dose laser light therapy is perfect for men who are suffering from Norwood-Hamilton classifications of IIa to V and women who have Ludwig-Savin I-4, II-1, and II-II or frontal hair loss patterns.

laser light therapy for hair loss reviews

Laser light therapy can yield effective results for women. Moreover, it is the best hair loss treatment for females that is non-invasive in nature.

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