Seven reasons to use led lights for motorcycle instead of halogen and xenon bulbs

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led lights for motorcycles are the most advanced lighting technology available. They’re bright, durable, and cost-effective.
But, few riders understand the technology behind these lights and how they differ from halogen and xenon bulbs. This is a list of the seven key differences between led lights for motorcycles and other bulbs. If you’re looking for new lights, read them.

1. Lifespan:

Halogen and xenon bulbs last around 1,000 hours. But, led lights for motorcycles can power a bike for up to 100,000 hours. In practice, this means that a set of led lights for motorcycles will last around twenty times longer than a traditional bulb.

2. Reliability:

Halogens and xenons are fragile bulbs because the filament within them runs at high temperatures. This means that they are damaged by vibration, water, and shock. For example, hitting a severe pothole can cause a bulb to shatter inside the housing. LED lights for motorcycles are sturdy LED technology that is far more tolerant of vibration, water, and shock than halogen and xenon bulbs.

3. Ease of Installation:

Halogens and xenons are more complex to install than motorcycle driving lights led. This is because these bulbs usually must special tools to open the housing and change the bulb itself. led lights for motorcycles yet, are so easy to install they can be fitted in seconds without tools.

4. Heat Protection:led lights for motorcycle

Xenon and halogen bulbs are not built to withstand heat. Indeed, continuous exposure to high temperatures will render a bulb useless after a short period. This is why, for example, it’s so common to see owners of Viper Motorcycle Helmets using LED turn signals on their bikes. The intense heat generated by these halogen and xenon bulbs can damage LED turn signals. led lights for motorcycles, by contrast, are built to withstand even the highest levels of heat.

5. Power Draw:

Halogens and xenons draw a lot of power from the motorcycle’s electrical system – more than the electrical system can handle. This means that motorcycles with halogen or xenon headlights are draining energy from the battery, reducing the battery’s lifespan. led lights for motorcycles draw less power from the electrical system because these lights are run by the motorcycle’s regulator instead of the battery.

6. The Right Color Temperature (K):

The color temperature of light emitted by a motorcycle headlight determines how the light will appear to the human eye. Halogen and xenon bulbs have color temperatures of between 2,000K and 3,000K. led lights for motorcycles have color temperatures in the range of 5,700K to 7,000K. The latter color temperature is much closer to daylight, making it easier for riders to distinguish between colors and allowing them to see more detail at night.

7. The Right Intensity (Lumens):

Halogens and xenon bulbs emit around 400 lumens. But, when their light is projected forward, they only reach 200-300 lumens. Motorcycle-led headlight kits, by contrast, have between 1,200 and 2,000 lumens to ensure that the entire road is illuminated.led lights for motorcycle

Asked Questions about motorcycle driving lights (FAQ)

How bright can motorcycle driving lights be?
motorcycle driving lights have between 1,100 and 2,000 lumens. If you’re looking for the brightest motorbike headlight kits available, check out Jw Speaker’s motorcycle driving lights. The entire catalog of these motorcycle driving lights is so bright they have been classified as illegal for road use in Germany.
Why should I choose motorcycle driving lights over LED strips?
Motorcycle driving lights project light forward as opposed to sideways like LED strips. This means that they are visible from the side of the road and produce a powerful light for illumination purposes.
What’s the difference between fog lamps and driving lights?
Driving lights are designed to be mounted on the fenders of a motorcycle. They create powerful forward lighting and can help you see more detail at night. Motorcycles lights are mounted on the front of a bike; fog lamps produce a powerful beam directed towards the road ahead. They are used to illuminate the surface of the road when it’s otherwise difficult to see.
What does the term “cutoff” mean?
The cutoff of a headlight is an imaginary line that separates the light projected forward from the light projected to the side. Most modern motorcycles have headlights with a cutoff that ensures most light is projected forward instead of sideways.
What are the benefits of HID motorcycle lights?led lights for motorcycle
HIDs have a color temperature between 5,000K and 20,000K. This means that they emit natural white light, making it easier for riders to distinguish between colors and see more detail at night. These lights don’t have a filament, which means that they last longer. They also produce less heat than halogen and xenon bulbs.
How do motorcycle headlamps work?
Motorcycle headlamps have a certain number of metal oxide semiconductor chips inside them to produce a powerful beam. When the headlamp is turned on, one of these chips emits electrons that move through an electrical field. This causes them to emit photons that produce visible light.
Are motorcycle fog lights legal?
In the United States, laws regarding motorcycle fog lights vary from state to state. However, in most states, you can operate your motorcycle’s headlight in the fog. But, it would help if you only use your motorcycle’s headlights in low visibility conditions – not fog.
These are the main differences between halogen and xenon headlights and led lights for motorcycle. Makers of traditional bulbs like Xenojet and Vision X often tell riders that their bulbs are the same as motorcycle-led light systems but without the price tag. However, this doesn’t seem right. The truth is that led lights for motorcycle are superior to halogen and xenon bulbs in every way, and buying a halogen or xenon bulb is to buy into an inferior technology that will need a lot of money in the long term.

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