Why the Machan Lonavala is the best resort for you?

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Lonavala is an exquisite place to go for a vacation all over the seasons but mainly in the rainy season where you get to see different sceneries and waterfalls. The spot loads up with sightseers who love making a trip and you will investigate places with a point of view that you can get just in this season. With the monsoon seasons finally here, and the last year being too difficult to cope up with we all need a vacation spot even if it is for a few days. The Machan Lonavala resort locates at Lonavala and is one of the highly recommended places by our guests. Lonavala is a perfect spot for people who are looking for a quick getaway and is nearby main cities like Pune and Mumbai. Just pack your backpack and head out to the best getaway place of the monsoon season and we at The Machan will be waiting for you to give you the best experience.

Here is why you should stay at a resort for your getaway:

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Stress Buster:

Resorts are an extraordinary method to mitigate pressure as you are there with your companions or family and for a few days, you suppose to forget you’re day to day which is full of hassles and rushing on to things. You work hard to achieve your goals and when you take a break you need to make sure it’s at the right place. With a hotel as the choice, you pick the best spot as there are numerous alternatives to go for. A resort has different areas of amenities that you can get access to and use during your stay there to relieve stress. Amenities like play areas, gyms, spa centers are one of the common amenities available and you can bust your stress with these easily. You should simply unwind and partake nearby with the plant life around you.

Machan Lonavala resort
Machan Lonavala resort


Resorts design in a way to meet all your requirements. When you are away from home, all the workout fanatics and fitness freaks still long for a good workout and that is why gyms include in the space. Playrooms with different kinds of games are available which you can play with a group of people and enjoy the most. The pool area is available as well which you can enjoy whenever you feel like it. With a great comfort level maintained at all the places by the qualified staff; you can enjoy all the amenities and have the best experience.

Covid-19 regulated:

Since the pandemic began, there was a big pause to all our future vacations and getaways, these are necessary for everyone when a person is feeling low or is going through too much stress from daily work. But, now wherever we need we need to make sure that we are safe and distant from anything that brings our physical health into danger. So, at The Machan, we have followed all the rules and regulations laid out by the government to help you have a safe and healthy stayed with us.

The Machan Lonavala resort
The Machan Lonavala resort
There are sanitizers everywhere on the premises and a constant temperature check does to confirm whether the guests are in perfect condition or not. We also provide our guests with contact-less room service and there is minimal interaction done so that the distance maintain with all the customers. Your safety is important to us why we do not like to compromise with any norms is. Our staffs are well trained to check all the aspects before letting the guests in and also maintain social distancing. The food prepared is also done with extra care than before so that there are no issues from our side.

Good food:

When it comes to food, we always expect the best and our food is the best. At The Machan, you get the best quality food which is delicious and sits right with your taste buds. We have a restaurant where the guests can relax and have their meals with a great view. The café located in the resort mean for people who like to have a calm and composed morning and evening and sit quietly while sipping coffee and having the time of their life.
The food you order is made with a lot of love and we deliver it to you just as you would like it. An assortment of cooking is accessible and you have a lot of alternatives to browse. A good mood begins with good food is what we think and that is why our kitchen staff works in giving you the finger-licking food you need to burst your stress away.


for a vacation or a getaway, the most important thing is to get away from the city noise that we face daily and sometimes get tired of it. So, the location of the resort should be in a place that is away from all the noise pollution and it should give you the feeling of calmness which you need to feel at your best.

The Machan Lonavala resort
The Machan Lonavala resort
The view of mountains and trees and even waterfalls from your balcony is a great way of escape from the city and if a resort is providing you with it then it should simply become your go-to destination every time you plan to visit Lonavala. The place should also be accessible and easy to reach and should be nearby to the popular spots so that you can visit with your friends and family whenever you feel like during your stay there. Who doesn’t need a place with the best view and amazing food!
The Machan Lonavala resort is beautiful. We have other amenities like a bonfire, bar, thermal screening, etc. curated for our guests and to give them the best experience that they won’t get elsewhere. We deliver what we promise which is why you should choose to come to stay with us and enjoy your vacay to the fullest!

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