Reasons Why You Must Opt For Magento 2 Development Services Right Away

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Have you heard about the recent buzz in the market about businesses going for Magento development services? Why is it happening? Most importantly, why is it happening now?
First of all, let’s look at the stats from last year. According to Magento itself, more than 250,000 clients have used the platform to build their stores, and overcome their eCommerce challenges. Other than that, more than 20% of the highest-rated eCommerce giants use Magento as their platform (top 1000 companies). This includes the likes of Ford, Liverpool FC, as well as Land Rover. There are also known to be more than 300,000 Magento developers in the world.
With Magento 2 coming into existence and gaining popularity, the power of Magento grew tremendously as the platform became more mobile responsive and catered to a wider audience. This means more businesses opted for the platform right after the release of Magento 2. But have these stats managed to convince you? If there is a chance you are still undecided, let us give you solid reasons why you should definitely go for Magento development services.

Magento 2 is Highly Mobile Responsive:

Magento 2 designs using the “mobile-first” approach, hence any website powered by it was responsive by default no matter which device use to access it. The user interface for Magento 2 automatically gets adjusted to every device and screen size which lets you avoid the costs and efforts invested in having to make your eCommerce store more mobile-friendly. Magento development services ensure that your website takes over the mCommerce market with just as much confidence and ease as the eCommerce market. Moreover, since your website becomes responsive, your SEO ranking also improves greatly and this helps you rank in the top ten Google search results.

what is Magento
what is Magento

Magento 2 is Easy to Run and Manage:

As an eCommerce business, you are always looking for ways to reduce the effort involved in running and managing your store. Magento 2 makes it very easy for you to do so by ensuring a simple and user-friendly admin panel that facilitates easy management of your website including settings, store pages, and configuration. The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert developer or have development experience to manage your Magento 2 website. Any store modifications you may wish to do are simple and even if you still need help there is a user guide available with Magento 2 that makes the process even more effortless and easy for you. Moreover, if you hire good Magento development services to create your website, you will get 24/7 support and maintenance for your website and you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

Magento 2 is User-Friendly for Your Customers:

This is a very underrated factor and is in fact very important in choosing a platform for your eCommerce website. You want your store to be user-friendly because your customers will not return to a store that isn’t. Customers want a simple interface that is easy to navigate. This is exactly what Magento promises. A visually pleasing yet simple and user-friendly interface that also has an element of fun and enjoyment so that the customers have something to look forward to. Magento’s hassle-free quick checkout option ensures that customers don’t waste their time in lengthy checkout procedures and get done on a single page with the smallest possible clicks. Magento development services can provide you with many more customer-centric features, such as convenient payment gateways and order history records. All these make your site even more appealing to your customers and help you turn them into returning ones.

what is Magento 2
what is Magento 2

Manage many storefronts with one backend using Magento 2:

A single instance of your Magento 2 software allows you to run and manage many storefronts on your website or even multiple websites. It also enables you to have different content for every storefront or website, and even other attributes such as different categories, product portfolios, languages, and currencies. You can manage everything using one admin backend which makes things a lot easier for you. This feature is extremely beneficial if you have many storefronts or websites in different countries and you want to run them all together at your convenience.

Magento 2 is SEO Friendly:

SEO plays an extremely vital role in Magento 2. SEO generally facilitates in improving the quality and quantity of traffic on your website. The improved quality of traffic means that the impressions actually lead to becoming “reach” which then actually becomes traffic on your website that finally leads to conversion. Magento 2 knows to have excellent SEO features and functionality and makes getting on the first page of Google search results look very easy. Magento 2 SEO features include site indexing, URL optimization, unique content, and metadata for homepage, categories, CMMS pages, and product pages. Magento 2 also has a lot of SEO extensions offered by the massive Magento community that can help you in optimizing your website even more.

The Magento 2 performs better than other platforms as well as Magento 1:

Even if you compare it to Magento 1, you will find that Magento 2 runs around 20% faster than its predecessor. This also improves your eCommerce store’s SEO which in turn boosts sales. In other words, sites that are faster and perform better sell better. Magento 2 is faster because it has full-page Varnish caching which reduces server load and improves response time making it easier to cache requests. This means pages load a lot faster than before. The performance also enables the website to handle more products without slowing down the website. The software comes equipped with an indexer, which helps make its query speed faster.

what is magento software?
what is Magento software?

Magento 2 has Better and Advanced Reporting:

Reporting is of utmost importance in the eCommerce business. Magento 2 has new and advanced state-of-the-art reporting features that give you key insight into three critical areas of your eCommerce store’s performance such as number of customers, number of orders, and number of products. This includes details like which product sells the most, what taxes have been collected, how much discount offers, how the sale affected revenue, how many registered accounts you have, etc. Reports are usually updated continuously and regularly so that there is always fresh insight and data and you can manage your customers and eCommerce store accordingly.
Are you convinced now that it is time for you to opt for Magento 2? Whether you need a migration or a simple upgrade, the time is right to go for Magento development services if you want to see growth in your eCommerce traffic and revenue.

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