Off-Page SEO Checklist: Techniques for Proven Rankings.

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Despite the many fields of SEO that have developed over the years, there are only two main types of SEO: On-Page and Off-Page.
On-Page SEO aka on-site SEO has one focus and that is to optimize on-site content. This also includes headings, H2s, website orientation, and similar others.
But does Google only focus on that? No! That’s what we are going to discuss in this article – the off-page SEO tactics. So, what are the off-page ranking factors for SEO?
Because Google prioritizes the number of inbound links a website can have when assessing its authority, it is among the most critical and fundamental off-page SEO variables.
Consider an inbound link to be another person’s vote of confidence on a specific page on your website. The more links pointing to your sites, the more likely Google and other search engines will find them, potentially leading to increased exposure and ranking. Even top SEO consultants tell on getting more inbound links.

2. The quality of those inbound links:

Quantity is critical, but so is the quality of incoming links.
Although having links from unknown sources is appropriate, getting them from well-known sources that are thought to be experts in your field is much preferable.

3. Speed with which Links Make:

Apart from the quantity and quality of links you get to your blog, another off-page tactic to consider is the pace with which you create those links. If the pace is fast then Google will consider that as unnatural.
Link-building efforts that produce results in an unnaturally short period of time can raise the suspicions of search engines, and rightly so.
Consider this: you have a two weeks old site. It has more than 1000 backlinks from 20 referring domains. This is simply outrageous and search bots can easily identify it.
Avoid using automated tools that create thousands of links to stay on top of this off-page SEO element.

4. Social Signals are Ranking Signal:

Matt Cutts, the head of Google bots, once announced that social shares are now considered a rating signal for SERP rankings.
Almost every website now has social media interaction. Social shares are also a simple indicator of useful content; otherwise, people would not share them at all.
Search engines can take this into account when deciding which pages to display at the top of the SERPs.

what is off page SEO
what is off-page SEO
I recommend that you include social sharing buttons on your entries. You can do this with any of these plugins.

5. Local SEO Has a Lot More Value:

Local SEO is one hidden off-page SEO tactic that companies rarely rely on. But, it is a perfect SEO tactic for actual brick-and-mortar stores.
After all, a sizable proportion of Internet users search for local services and products online.
The best part is that this Local SEO can also impact search results, regardless of whether the search conduct on a desktop computer or a mobile device, or any other medium for that matter.
A company increases its chances of founds by online users by incorporating local SEO into its marketing strategy.

6. Get Citations:

Citations are inbound links that consider ‘reference’ on Google. They are like votes that you get from popular sites like Yelp, CitySearch,, and other online b2b rating directories and classified sites.
The best way to increase awareness about your brand is to make people find you. Citations can be of great help when doing that.

7. Anchor text:

When you create a hyperlink, the anchor text appears and becomes clickable, and its uses by search engines to decide what kind of material can found on the destination website.
off page seo techniques
off-page SEO techniques
As a result, if the anchor text reads “what is SEO,” Google and other search engines would assume that the page contains information that will help people optimize their websites.

8. Domain age:

As before said, off-page variables are items over which you have little control, and the age of your jurisdiction is a prime example of something over which you have no control.
Naturally, a domain that has been in existence for five or six years appears better in Google’s eyes, and this is a consideration that can make you rank higher.
If your platform is already a certain age, never let your domain expire in exchange for a new one if at all necessary.
If you do a rebrand, make sure to use a 301 redirect from the old to the current domain.
9. Business reviews:
Positive reviews can help an organization build trust and confidence in its brand. The more positive responses you get, the better, because Google will view it as a sign that your business is worthy of recommendation to its customers.
off page seo services
off-page SEO services
A word of caution, but: don’t even think about paying for favorable reviews or posting fake ones. You will discover sooner or later, and there will be repercussions.


There are hundreds of other off-page SEO ranking variables, and the ones mentioned above are just a start. If you use these off-page SEO ranking factors, you will gradually increase your online presence and brand recognition, as well as your ranking in the SERPs.
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