How To Successfully Lead More Sales Teams In 2021?

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When the relationship between bosses and subordinates was completely one-sided, the times of autocratic management are over. In the era of generations, X, empowerment, and autonomy to work are some of the main demands of professionals. The most talented, by the way, are the ones who most expect this type of environment, as they aim for a rapid professional rise.
The one who must actively take part in the teams’ routine, always trying to create an atmosphere of harmony and guarantee the cohesion of the team. group. So in this post, we’ll show you some tips for successfully leading sales teams.

Constantly Provide Feedback:

As we saw in our introduction to this article, the leader must always be present in the employees’ routine. He must act as a true coach, able to extract the largest potential from the professionals. And the most appropriate way to work on team performance is to use feedbacks.

Set Clear Goals For The Team:

Yes, goals are essential for any professional type, but it is even more important for a salesperson. The goal is the sales team’s driving force, as it will determine exactly what the professional needs to achieve to improve their payment.
real estate marketing
real estate marketing
Of course, for goals to be stimulating, they need to be realistic. Thus, today, the most recommended is to establish goals according to the SMART standard, which provides that they need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and temporal. With clear goals, it is much easier to stimulate the team.

Motivate Sales Professionals:

Another important tip for leading sales teams is to develop motivation strategies. The first one has already seen us, which are feedbacks. After all, when professionals are well oriented, they feel more comfortable within the company.
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real estate marketing
Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Some more specific strategies can also develop, such as incentive marketing, which is nothing more than a set of actions that aim to engage professionals, such as incentive trips, loyalty programs, among many others.

Establish Strong Bond With the Team:

Finally, the leader must have a good relationship with the team members. For this, he needs to be participative, helping in the professionals’ daily routine with the feedback above and putting their hands on the dough whenever necessary.
Also, the leader must establish effective communication channels and develop a transparent relationship, in which everyone feels free to show his / her views, suggestions, etc. This is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to leading teams.

Identify the Main Points of Conflict:

Map them, ask questions to understand what happened, understand why it happened, and drop them.
To drop conflicts, listen carefully to the responses given by those involved. Often the team already has the answers. They just haven’t figured them out yet.
real estate marketing
real estate marketing
But, call each salesperson individually to talk. And then talk to the whole team.
In the individual conversation, explain that it is necessary to focus on the results and actions to take to achieve the results on the goals. Show that to achieve the goal individually. The whole team needs to unit and focused.


His leader is extremely important to generate sales. There is no doubt about that. It is he who must motivate his team.
He must repeat the goal daily, the deadlines, and the steps necessary to reach the goal for everyone on the team and individually. Goals must be quantitative and qualitative. And checkpoints must define to assess how the goals are progressing. Thus, it is easier to carry out feedbacks and correct actions.

Be positive, show:

  • What your sales professional has already done.
  • Which is fine.
  • What remains to do.
  • What you need to do.
  • Where it can improve.
The leader must show the team and the sales professional what their strengths are, empowering the team and valuing all that is good.
When it is necessary to draw attention or give negative feedback, let it do in a private conversation, never in front of everyone.
And when the sales team is not focused on sales, it is when the leader has the most important role.
At that moment, it is necessary to take the team out of the comfort zone. It is necessary to expand the team’s vision. And show that there are goals to achieve: if you reach the goals, you will receive a bonus. If not, unfortunately, it will replace – of course, after trying all the ways to increase your sales. You can use it in real estate marketing.

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