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Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world, with its top-notch technology, tall buildings, and modernistic lifestyle, Dubai still manages to entertain the cultures of different worlds. It is also known as an amalgamation of cultures. People see celebrating different festivals and traditions together. Dubai has many events to present every year, these festivals and celebrations attract people from all over the world. Not only the Middle East but the whole world look forward to attending these festivals every year. Here is the list of five festivals for you to attend in Dubai:
Dubai International Film festival is one of the largest film festivals. It is an annual festival conducted mostly in December or January. It is the most awaited event in Dubai. Movies from all over the world, exhibit at this festival. The event promotes diversity in the culture of Dubai. Movies with different languages, from different countries, and different cultures screened at various places in Dubai.

Rent Porsche in Dubai
Rent Porsche in Dubai
It also entertains press conferences, presentations, and Q/A sessions. Many celebrities also attend this festival to make it more glamorous. The people who love cinematography and have a deep understanding of creative movie art should be their next stop.

Shopping Festival:

When people say that Dubai has extravagant amenities, they don’t lie because the Dubai shopping festival is one of the biggest shopping festivals in the Middle East. It is heaven for the people who love to shop, with unbelievable discounted prices even on the biggest brands helps to allure the shopaholics from all over the world. The event doesn’t only have a shopping glee but it also conducts concerts, fireworks, game shows, food zones, and many other unlimited delights. The Dubai shopping festival is surely worth attending if you are visiting Dubai.

Rent Porsche in Dubai
Rent Porsche in Dubai

Gulf Car Festival:

Now Dubai and its love for luxurious cars are undefinable. Dubai has a variety of beautiful and stylish cars running on its roads. Every year since 2014, Dubai exhibits a car show which knows as the Dubai Gulf car festival. The festival presents thousands of exquisite cars for people, a valuable collection of cars displayed in front of motor car lovers. People from all over the world attend this festival.

Porsche rent a car Dubai
Porsche rent a car Dubai
They exhibit all kinds of cars and bikes. This festival is fully packed with the launching of new cars and new cars clubs, exhibitions of old cars, and racing competitions. It has all sorts of cars from SUV to sports car, from Sedan to Coupe. You can also become a part of the festival and present your car or sign up for various competitions. Dubai car rental provides the opportunity to hire the best cars to drive. Rent Porsche in Dubai or any other super sports car and become a part of this glamorous festival. This festival is perfect for people who have an undying passion for cars.

Dubai Art:

Dubai Art festival is no doubt the most mesmerizing festival in Dubai. The emerging and leading artists from all over the world display their arts in exhibitions. The people with a love of art attend the festival with full zest. It has been a great platform for the growth of creative art. The people have shown significant interest in Dubai art fairs over the years.

porsche rent a car dubai
Porsche rent a car Dubai
Many curators and artists emerged in these fairs. Dubai Art fair is a fusion of entertainment and education. The sculptures, the painting, the sketches, the graphic art, and many other forms of the art exhibit at this festival. The festivities include live painting, learning workshops, people with a keen interest in art should not miss this unique festival.

International Jazz Festival:

If you have an interest in jazz music then Dubai has the most electrifying international jazz festival to offer. This is by far the most famous music festival that occurs every year in Dubai. Jazz musicians from all over the world attend this festival.
It featured legendary musicians and award-winning artists entertaining the audience with their jazz music. It is an annual fair held in Dubai Media City. The bolting environment will keep you engaged all night long. So, the next time you are in the city, you should attend this festival.
Rent Porsche in Dubai
Rent Porsche in Dubai
Many other Dubai festivals will also captivate your interest be it a Dubai world cup, the Dubai international boat show, Awafi festival, Dubai home festival, or the Sikka art fair, it will never fail to keep your interest. All these festivals should be on your preference list right away. By attending these festivals you will double up the fun of your trip to Dubai.

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