4 Types Of Rolex Watches You Should Have for Different Occasions.

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Picking a watch to use for that perfect occasion doesn’t need to be a complicated task at all. When you’re trying to determine your exact needs, this will eventually help expand your watch collection. But even after all of it, you will end up wanting a new timepiece for every possible event and activity you’ll go through in your life.
There are so many watches for so many occasions. At some point, it can get a bit overwhelming. So here are a few simple tips for choosing which wristwatch goes on which occasion or vibe.

Analog For Business Or Formal Wear:

Several style gurus tell you to go for the analog types of watches for your business or formal wear. A straightforward Rolex for example is an easy choice for this. It is a simple and good rule to help you make what could very well be a difficult choice. Especially if you’re torn between the digital and analog styles of watches in your collection.
At least two types of business watch you could choose from can help you easily decide which watch style is the best one to wear. The first is for business. For those cultures that are a little bit more conservative, and those suits that are the order of the day. The second is for business casual. This is classified as having that relaxed culture that is a notch above off-work casual.
mens rolex watches
men Rolex watches
When looking for the best kind of watch to wear for interviews, meetings, or work, you would want something that is a bit on the classic side. The timepiece you will pick should convey that specific sense of elegance without drawing too much attention to itself. For those that are within a professional setting, you would want your timepiece to be able to reflect that.

Styled Watches:

Minimally styled watches, such as the TAG Heuer Carrera for example, will be able to show everyone in your office that you take pride in your appearance, all the way down to the watch you choose to wear on your wrist. Having a brown alligator strap gives this particular watch a professional and versatile vibe that could go with any style or look. This watch’s minimalist face design creates this distinct long-lasting, and classic appearance. It means that you can wear this timepiece for years and years to come.
Besides all of these things mentioned, you can choose between a business formal and business casual styled watch. All matching business formal watches to your suit.

Watches for Weddings and Black Tie Events:

The simple and classic style is great for the everyday workplace, but, formal events need something more proper and beautiful.
rolex watch men
Rolex watchmen
A watch that will pair perfectly with tuxes, black ties, and any formal wear, is the Omega Speedmaster ’57 Co-Axial Chronograph. Its sapphire cover makes be scratch-resistant. This, combined with the classic appearance, means that this particular timepiece will last through every black-tie event.
Watches like these are reliable, attractive, and quite versatile. With this, you will be able to add a formal touch that enhances any look you have going on at the moment.

Active Outings need Active Proof Watches:

As the title suggests, for a trip or a day filled with much more activity than that of filing records at the office, you would need the kinds of watches that are more adapted for this kind of active lifestyle. Whenever you are choosing a sport to watch, there is a level of freedom involved with it. You could even go with a little bit of color. Something a bit more adventurous than your usual palette of silver, black, or brown. There are several available examples, like the blue steel color pallet like the Breitling Superocean Héritage II Chronograph 44. With its steel construction and innovative glare-proofing on both sides, a durable watch just like this is an absolute perfect choice for outdoor wear.
As logic might suggest, sports watches are best worn whenever you are active and doing something sporty. Essentially, you wouldn’t want to be hiking up a mountain trail wearing a leather strapped watch or even a dress watch made of precious and expensive metals. Strategically, you should be looking for something that has got a rubber or nylon-made strap and comes with a good amount of rugged features that can help it be a bit tougher, such as water and shock resistance. You can go for some stainless steel bracelet types, and that could work, depending mostly on the activities you’re engaged in. But remember that you would want a watch that comes with a strap you can replace easily as active adventures will take a toll sooner or later.
rolex watch
Rolex watch
Remember that sports watches are built for and are all about versatility. With that, you should be able to swap in a leather strap and turn edgy sports watch into a dress or casual type of watch.
Weekend and Casual Styles:
Watches for everyday use would something that is on the more modest and minimal side. In essence, the best type of weekend or casual wristwatch will be able to go with almost anything and shouldn’t need to make as much of a statement compared to the more formal pieces.

There are casual watches out there that can work right from going to outdoor activities on the day out to an evening event. Those kinds of hybrid timepieces can combine tough sporty durability with a touch of elegance. Rolex oyster perpetual superlative chronometer officially certified Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches.

rolex watches
Rolex watches
Make Sure To Mix and Match:
But, you may want to mix and match your watch to its appropriate occasion, never forget that the most important aspect here is the individual: you. Wristwatches need to complement your style and the way you wish to perceive the crowd at a specific event. And when you daily engage in different activities, it wouldn’t hurt to have different types of timepieces in your collection. So don’t be afraid to have fun, show your personality, and mix it up.

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